[Urcad] 201111121041 NO EMAIL UPDATE

Robert Nickerson omrob at omsoft.com
Sun Nov 13 10:45:52 PST 2011


Routing your email through our backup SPAM firewall has failed. We have 
prepared another email mail server to take your email, however we need 
to have some records adjusted at the ISP in Oregon that manages the 
records for urcad.org.

We have contacted their systems administration by email and called into 
their support desk to arrange for that to happen. As soon as the records 
update mail should start flowing in again. Hopefully this afternoon, but 
we will check early this evening if it has not been restored.

WARNING: You will get A LOT more SPAM email until our regular SPAM 
firewall is back in service. Watch out, there will be offensive content.

Thanks for your patience.

Rob Nickerson

Om Networks
UCD Class of 96
C: 530-848-3865

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