This Sunday, April 22, Protest AIPAC: the anti-human rights, pro-apartheid, pro-killing Israel lobby

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Protest AIPAC: the anti-Palestinian, pro-war, pro-Israeli apartheid lobby!

This Sunday, April 22, 2018, 10:15am 
at the non-union Hyatt Regency, 1209 L Street, Sacramento.

Do you support protecting human rights for all?  
Do you oppose extrajudicial killing and the militarization of our police?  
Do you oppose the U.S. war machine and the killing of civilians? 
If you support unions, oppose racism, and work for justice, join us this

AIPAC's choice of a non-union hotel for its annual Sacramento meeting is
consistent with its blatant disregard for civil and human rights of
Palestinians, other Arab peoples in the region, as well as indigenous people
in Latin America and Asia. 

AIPAC intimidates Congress into supporting Israel's racist, apartheid,
pro-war, anti-Palestinian agenda. The Israeli regime executes Palestinians
like U.S. police murder people of color here - shoot to kill, ask questions

AIPAC endorses the police exchanges between the U.S. and Israel - these
exchanges promoting the worst practices of both countries including
militarized policing and abuse of the civil rights of people of color.

Israel supplies weapons, surveillance equipment, and training that fueled
the military abuses in Guatemala, among others, and sold advanced weapons to
Myanmar during its anti-Rohingya ethnic cleansing campaign.  Israel destroys
the homes of Palestinians, steals their land and water, ruins their
livelihoods, and is trying to ethnically cleanse them from their homeland,
like settler colonists did to the native people of this country.

>From Stephon Clark to unarmed protestors in Gaza: Stop the killing!

End U.S. aid to Israel - End U.S./Israel police exchanges!


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