Take Action to stop Israel's killing of unarmed Palestinian demonstrators

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Take action to stop Israel's killing of unarmed Palestinian demonstrators:

1) Send an email to Congress:

2) Forward this email, and share
I2QY> this video and action alert on
Vgk4I2QY> Facebook and
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More information from U.S. Campaign for Palestinian Rights:

A week ago today, 30,000 Palestinians in the Gaza Strip began six weeks of
sit-ins and demonstrations to demand their internationally recognized right
of return to the villages they were displaced from in 1948, which lie just a
few miles away, totally inaccessible to the residents of the besieged
coastal enclave.

As they exercised their right to protest, Israel met them with brutal force
and 100 snipers, killing 18 Palestinians and injuring more than 1,400. The
Israeli military used drones to drop tear gas over the encampments of the
demonstrators, where entire families were gathered, and prevented medics
from evacuating the injured. And then
I2QY> they bragged about it, tweeting that they knew where every bullet

Palestinians are being killed for having the audacity to assert their right
to freedom, justice, equality, and life.
I2QY> Email your Members of Congress today to tell them that Palestinians
have the right to protest without paying for it with their lives.

Human Rights Watch blasted the Israeli military's actions, calling them
unlawful and
%2Bg9V9z> saying, "Israeli soldiers were not merely using excessive force,
but were apparently acting on orders that all but ensured a bloody military
response to the Palestinian demonstrations." Israel's devaluing of
Palestinian lives and regular use of excessive force are not new, but
central features of its illegal military occupation and apartheid regime. 

Today, the Palestinians participating in the Great Return March are marching
again. They are being met with tear gas and live fire from Israeli snipers,
again. One Palestinian, 39-year-old Usama Khamis Qudeih, has already been
killed and more than 40 others injured with live ammunition.

Israel is expecting to act with impunity, as it has so many times in the
past. It is past time for us to demand accountability. 


Congress will not act until they hear from YOU. When they hear your voices,
your Members of Congress may call for an investigation into the murders of
the 18 who lost their lives last week. Israel's impunity must come to an
end. After you
I2QY> take action, forward this email to three friends to encourage them to
stand up for Palestinian rights.

As Palestinian analyst Diana Buttu wrote in the Washington Post,

"An independent investigation would highlight that Gaza remains under
Israel's 50-year-old military rule and decade-old
QY> naval blockade, cut off from the world. It would undoubtedly highlight
that, in addition to the electrified fence on Gaza's eastern and northern
sides, Gaza is blocked in with a concrete wall to the south and by the naval
blockade to the west. It would highlight that all of the Palestinians killed
were killed inside Gaza, and within the undefined Israeli-imposed 'buffer
zone' that further cuts into Gaza's territory, in many places by as much as
1,000 feet. In the words of one protester friend shot on Friday, 'We did not
go to the buffer zone; the buffer zone came to us.' An independent
investigation would undoubtedly highlight that live fire may only be used
against combatants participating in military action. Killing people is
neither a video game nor a sport. In sum, an investigation would reveal that
for Israel, it does not matter that Palestinians protest; our lives are
considered expendable." 

I can't say it enough times, M. Your voice matters, now more than ever.
I2QY> Tell your representatives that you will not stand for the continued
impunity of Israel as it steals and suffocates Palestinian lives.
k4I2QY> Demand an investigation today.

In solidarity,

Yousef Munayyer,

Executive Director U.S. Campaign for Palestinian Rights

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