National Day of Action 7-16-13 on divestment from Israel's occupation; Take Action to boycott SodaStream; & more

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Take Action to support Palestinian rights!
► Join the National Day of Action, Tuesday July 16, 2013: asking TIAA CREF to divest <>  from Israel's occupation of Palestine and stores to Boycott SodaStream.  

Pension fund giant TIAA CREF has quietly but totally divested from SodaStream which is made in an illegal Israeli settlement on stolen Palestinian land in violation of international law.  Last year they dropped Caterpillar from their Social Choice fund.  These are good steps, but they need to do more!  July 16 is their annual meeting at which they refused to allow a shareholder resolution on divestment from Israel’s occupation of Palestine.  
11am: Meet at the mall entrance of Macy's Women's store, 414 K St. in downtown Mall. We will deliver a letter asking Macy’s to stop selling SodaStream & then walk to CalSTRS in West Sacramento, see below. FMI: 916-769-1641.
12noon: Assemble at CalSTRS entrance, 100 Waterfront Place, West Sacramento. We will deliver a letter asking CalSTRS to divest from Israel’s occupation of Palestine. FMI: 916-769-1641.
4:30pm-6pm:  Boycott SodaStream bannering at 16th & J Streets, downtown Sacramento.
Sign <>  the TIAA CREF petition.  Sign the boycott SodaStream petition:
FMI: sacramento at
► Saturday, July 20, 2013: Boycott SodaStream Bannering & Leafleting, 10:30am-12:30pm: Target 6504 4th Ave, Sacramento (just south of 65th St exit off Highway 50)

♦ Tell Target CEO Gregg Steinhafel that selling SodaStream is unethical:    <mailto:gregg.steinhafel at> gregg.steinhafel at; 800-440-0680; www.  

♦ Fill out a store comment card when you are in Target and talk to store managers. 

FMI: sacramentobds at

► Take Action: Protect Student’s right to criticize Israeli occupation and apartheid. 
Contact State Senators Darrell Steinberg and Lois Wolk and Assemblymember Roger Dickinson and ask them to withdraw their signatures from a May 31 letter <>  to UC Regents condemning student-led efforts calling for divestment from companies that support Israel’s violations of human rights and international law.  Click for more information. <> 
 This letter supports stifling academic debate and curtailing students right to free speech and to raise issues such as this that address critical human rights issues.  This interfering approach by the Legislators is unwarranted.
 Furthermore, the letter’s allegations that these efforts have a “divisive impact” on campuses is simply an attempt to protect Israel from legitimate criticism about its well-documented human rights abuses, illegal settlements; land theft; discriminatory apartheid laws and other violations of international law.
Organizations, unions and individuals in the United States and around the work are calling for boycott and divestment from Israel’s <>  occupation and apartheid as a means to pressure Israel to stop violating human rights and obey international law.  This is an effective, non-violent strategy that was successful in ending apartheid in South Africa.
 Senator Darrell Steinberg:  (916) 651-4006;  <mailto:senator.steinberg at> senator.steinberg at;   <>
 Senator Lois Wolk senator.wolk; (916) 651-4003; senator.wolk at;
 Assemblymember Roger Dickinson: (916) 319-2007; assemblymember.dickinson at; <> &
 Contact these local representatives and urge them NOT to sign the letter:
 Assemblymember Ken Cooley: (916) 319-2008; assemblymember.cooley at;
 Assemblymember Richard Pan: (916) 319-2009; assemblymember.pan at; <> &
 Assemblymember Mariko Yamada: (916) 319-2004; assemblymember.yamada at; <> &
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