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Richard Lowenberg rl at 1st-mile.org
Wed Jun 19 15:57:20 PDT 2019

Granted that Davis is not the progressive community it once was,
but I think that Davis could take the high road to planning and
implementing its broadband networking strategy, while serving as
a national example for the many cities of its population size,
especially those with universities and other civic resources.

This is not the best of times for such large, costly local works.
Current federal and corporate broadband strategies are a problem,
imposing risk and investment wariness.  However, this is the time
to prepare; to build a constituency around the issues, especially
for phased financial return on phased infrastructure investment.
This is the time to continue to meet with and better understand
various organizational and structural possibilities for public-
private partnerships.

I think that Davis could get a lot of expert help from near and
far, if it offered a much needed opportunity to set example for
scaled community networking and services provision.   The School
District, UCD(research) and .gov would have to be local partners.

Concurrently, the City's Comcast bill needs to be addressed and
possibly negotiated/leveraged for less; relieving time pressures.

I won't go on, but it seems as though this might be a very
productive next developmental phase for this initiative.

All eco-networked best,

On 2019-06-19 16:29, Robert Nickerson wrote:
> Hi
> Wow, I wish there were some more enthusiasm at the City Council for
> this, but you have to work with what you have I guess.
> Thanks
> On 6/19/2019 7:20 AM, Richard Lowenberg wrote:
>> https://muninetworks.org/content/davis-california-examine-incremental-muni-fiber-deployment

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