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Campaign contributions in Davis are limited to $100 (maybe raised a bit recently), so that's not a reason for any postion taken cy a city council member. 

Funding has ben an issue from the beginning of the discussion in 2015. We don't know how much dark fiber is already installed, which could be part of the plan. We don't know how much UC Davis would pay for participation, or the school district or Yolo County. We don't know about state, federal or private grants that could be awarded for this project. These are all issues the BATF could investigate. We don't know if anyone has contacted our elected state and federal legislators to ask for help - that would be a job for the city council. 

Sh eor Sherman
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     I was very
 surprised to
         get a response to my comments. Obviously Dan C and
         others have made up their minds prior to the
 hearing. Am
         I naive to think that AT&T and Comcast are
 contributing to
         election coffers or some other influential but nasty
     Good luck,?
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             Re: Fiber-optic network for Davis
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             Dan Carson <DCarson at cityofdavis.org>
             Bill Leet <bileet at prodigy.net>
         Thanks for your comments.
 I know what a heartfelt
           wish it is by you and others for this city to have
 its own
           muni fiber system. ?But in my view there is more
 to this issue
           that I must consider as a council member ? very
 large city
           costs and risks for our taxpayers identified by
 the Broadband
           Task Force itself and a consultant they oversaw
           development of such a system ?Attached please find
 an article
           that will appear in tomorrow?s Enterprise
 outlining these
         In any case, whether or
 not you agree with me, I
           welcome your continued participation in our city
           about these matters. ?This is a very important
 matter for all
           of us.
         Dan Carson
             Councilmember, City of Davis
             dcarson at cityofdavis.org
             (530) 400-1447
             23 Russell Boulevard, Suite 1
             Davis, CA ?95616
             On Jun 1, 2019, at
 6:13 AM, Bill Leet <bileet at prodigy.net>
                 As a citizen of Davis, I
 urge you to
                     favor and go forward with a fiber-optic
 network as
                     evaluated in the BATF report. Commerce
 depends more
                     each day on fast computer access. For
 the city of
                     Davis not to have the leading technology
 in this
                     area defies reason and good sense. This
 is a simple
                     situation in which city managers
 acknowledge that the experts
                     who spent several years of research to
 prepare the
                     feasibility study are better qualified
 to judge the
                     merits of such a system than any
 political body. It
                     is a case in which the people and the
 BATF should be
                     heard. To reject the merits of the
 system and the
                     desires of the majority of the people
 would be
                     foolhardy and would make a mockery of a
                     that is elected to serve the people.
                 Thank you,?? William S.
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