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Bill Leet bileet at prodigy.net
Sat Jun 1 14:00:09 PDT 2019

Hi -

I was very surprised to get a response to my comments. Obviously Dan C 
and probably others have made up their minds /prior to the hearing. /Am 
I naive to think that AT&T and Comcast are contributing to election 
coffers or some other influential but nasty fund?

Good luck,? Bill

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Subject: 	Re: Fiber-optic network for Davis
Date: 	Sat, 1 Jun 2019 20:20:37 +0000
From: 	Dan Carson <DCarson at cityofdavis.org>
To: 	Bill Leet <bileet at prodigy.net>


Thanks for your comments. I know what a heartfelt wish it is by you and 
others for this city to have its own muni fiber system. ?But in my view 
there is more to this issue that I must consider as a council member ? 
very large city costs and risks for our taxpayers identified by the 
Broadband Task Force itself and a consultant they oversaw for 
development of such a system ?Attached please find an article that will 
appear in tomorrow?s Enterprise outlining these challenges.

In any case, whether or not you agree with me, I welcome your continued 
participation in our city discussions about these matters. ?This is a 
very important matter for all of us.


Dan Carson
Councilmember, City of Davis
dcarson at cityofdavis.org <mailto:dcarson at cityofdavis.org>
(530) 400-1447
23 Russell Boulevard, Suite 1
Davis, CA ?95616

> On Jun 1, 2019, at 6:13 AM, Bill Leet <bileet at prodigy.net 
> <mailto:bileet at prodigy.net>> wrote:
> As a citizen of Davis, I urge you to favor and go forward with a 
> fiber-optic network as evaluated in the BATF report. Commerce depends 
> more each day on fast computer access. For the city of Davis not to 
> have the leading technology in this area defies reason and good sense. 
> This is a simple situation in which city managers /must /acknowledge 
> that the experts who spent several years of research to prepare the 
> feasibility study are better qualified to judge the merits of such a 
> system than any political body. It is a case in which the people and 
> the BATF should be heard. To reject the merits of the system and the 
> desires of the majority of the people would be foolhardy and would 
> make a mockery of a government that is elected to serve the people.
> Thank you,?? William S. Leet??
> -- 
> www.wsleet.com  <http://www.wsleet.com/>

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