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I posted it to the NextDoor East Central list.

On 11/17/2018 5:20 PM, Robert Nickerson wrote:
> Hi
> So I just sent this out to the davisgig-announce, and the dcn-announce 
> list.
> Survey in final form.  If someone wants to post this to their 
> neighborhood nextdoor.com or on facebook, that would be appreciated.
> Ill get the East Davis one now. Maybe we can encourage people to post in 
> the thread if they took the survey .
> Thanks
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> Subject: 	Municipal Broadband Phone Survey Happening Now
> Date: 	Sat, 17 Nov 2018 17:10:19 -0800
> From: 	help at dcn.org
> Organization: 	DavisGIG Committee of DCN
> To: 	Robert Nickerson <omrob at dcn.org>
> Hello Davisites,
> DavisGIG is pleased to report the City is conducting a phone survey 
> about city owned fiber optic broadband that is now under way. We are 
> also conducting a web version of the survey at www.davisgig.org/survey. 
> Please see this letter below that is being sent to 20000 households and 
> business in Davis, thanks to your support and donations.
> Thanks for your time, and as we have said multiple times in the past. 
> Brand new, publicly owned telecommunications infrastructure, is 
> worthwhile, will last decades, and takes time to implement!
> *Davis, CA*  has a Task Force evaluating municipal ownership of Fiber 
> Optic Internet Infrastructure. This would mean our community would 
> invest in the construction of publicly-owned "tubes" to the Internet. 
> Fiber Optic is the single best, most reliable Internet carrier cable. It 
> lasts decades, and the lasers used to send Internet packets down the 
> thin glass tubes are easy, and  inexpensive to upgrade, and continuously 
> improved.
> As an important part of its process for evaluating community fiber for 
> Davis, the City's Task Force wants to hear your opinion. The Broadband 
> Advisory Task Force has commissioned a phone survey to help it assess 
> interest in a municipal broadband network for Davis.
> The survey begins 11/13 and lasts for a few weeks. In addition, DavisGIG 
> has a short form survey at www.davisgig.org/survey. We strongly 
> encourage you to prepare and respond to this phone survey as well as the 
> web-based one. Please have your broadband bill and speeds at hand in 
> order  to respond to the interviewer.
> Make your City more resilient, see to its long term fiscal solvency, and 
> reduce your monthly broadband bills with community fiber.
> *Unleash the talent.*
> Municipal broadband disrupts the market dominance of the 2 main 
> carriers. A community-owned open fiber network would unleash Internet 
> R&D activity in Davis as citizens and entrepreneurs use it for superior 
> Internet access, reliability and performance. In addition to super-fast 
> Internet access, a municipal broadband network will bring new opportunities
> New businesses and entrepreneurs will be able to use this fiber network, 
> managed and operated by a local non-profit, to develop the next wave of 
> Internet Apps, Tools and Protocols.
> Residents and businesses will be able to make high-speed, secure and 
> private Internet connections between home and office, or school and 
> home, home and home, or two branches of an office, through a web based 
> software tool.
> Community Ownership and management means smart network growth planning, 
> and an economic development toolbox, delivering highly available roaring 
> fast network capacity and infrastructure for community members, 
> entrepreneurs and businesses. Davis Community Network (DCN), a long time 
> local non profit, is ready to play a key role in managing these 
> infrastructure assets to benefit  the community
> *Secure the Future.*
> In addition to a huge economic development driver and tool for 
> entrepreneurs, a community network could be open to multiple competitors 
> ending the lock big Telecoms have. More competition will generate lower 
> prices.
> Telecom  companies are charging monopoly prices  because they control 
> the delivery of Internet access to your property. Our town can disrupt 
> the current Internet access market in Davis with its own community-owned 
> delivery system, leased to multiple ISP companies, creating  
> competition. Walk away from the no-win situation and its ever-increasing 
> pricing, which regularly sees Internet bundle bills of $150 and UP for a 
> typical family.
> More important, though, is the fact that community ownership means that 
> a new source of monthly recurring revenue will come to the City in the 
> form of lease fees paid by providers to use its municipally-owned fiber 
> network.
> This means that community-owned fiber is an opportunity for all our 
> citizens to REDIRECT their monthly telecommunications budget away from 
> Telecom  Giants, and directly back into Davis.
> *Every kid and senior on the Network.*
> A community network can make sure that all homes in Davis, regardless of 
> income level or opportunities, have equal access to the single most 
> important infrastructure of the 21st century. Through this network we 
> can ensure that all the students enrolled in our schools have access to 
> the best Internet Access available anywhere. World Class Internet 
> Facilities for every home and business parcel will address the digital 
> divide and provide education opportunities for students and Telehealth 
> options for seniors.
> *Build the Smarter City.*
> Having a community-owned network means having the necessary asset to 
> build a smart city. Ubiquitous Fiber Optic infrastructure is the single 
> most important asset to have in place for the development of Smart City 
> strategies which are needed NOW to cope with climate change, population, 
> and quality of life issues.
> A phone survey will be conducted starting 11/13/18  and continuing for a 
> few weeks. Please make sure you are prepared with your broadband bill, 
> any comments, and your service speeds. Please provide the time to take 
> the phone survey and respond to all of its questions. So that you don't 
> hang up right away, the interviewer will lead with "The City of Davis is 
> asking citizens to participate in this survey that looks at high speed 
> Internet in the City."
> This flier was produced by Davis GIG and Davis Community Network, and 
> paid for by donations to www.davisgig.org by Citizens of Davis over the 
> past 3 years.
> Davis Community Network, www.dcn.org, is a 501c3 non profit which was 
> started in 1993 to bring Dial Up Internet Access to City of Davis.  It 
> has supported a wide variety of community organizations since then with 
> free Internet resources, and for the last 2 years has been focused on 
> municipal broadband. We encourage anyone interested in joining the 
> organization to contact us by email at help at dcn.org
> DavisGIG, www.davisgig.org, was started as a citizen group in 2015 to 
> advocate for better Internet Access for Davis in the form of a 
> city-owned, community-operated Fiber Optic Network that would be leased 
> to ISPs on an open access basis. Since then it has seen success with 
> improved options for broadband from the Telco Giants, but continues to 
> advocate for the community to ensure its digital future by owning and 
> operating its own internet infrastructure.
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> Please ref our wiki for details, documents and contacts:
> http://www.dcn.davis.ca.us/~help/dokuwiki/doku.php?id=start
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