[Davisgig] Please check Broadband Survey

help at dcn.org help at dcn.org
Fri Nov 16 10:20:55 PST 2018

Hi Folks

So I just dropped of 4704 mail pieces at the post office, and will drop 
off more tomorrow until we have sent all 20k out to Davis based carrier 

On those fliers I direct people to fill out an online survey that we can 
use to compare and contrast with the phone survey.

It can be found at www.davisgig.org/survey. People should start hitting 
it tomorrow afternoon as mail is dropped.

I was not able to spell or grammar check it yet, but intend to do so 
tonight. Please provide any feedback either to the list or directly to 
help at dcn.org, and if you want to be an editor on the form  to make 
changes, let me know and I can try to add you this afternoon.

ALSO - Im going to post to nextdoor.com about this tonight. I can cover 
East Davis like Loyola/Pole Line neighborhoods. If anyone is in other 
parts of Davis that can post the blurb about the survey in your 
neighborhood's nextdoor.com please advise. I'll send the blurb out tonight.

It would be nice if you would be able to make comments and gather 
questions too to generate buzz. It would be interesting to see if anyone 
mentions taking the survey.

Thanks All


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