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Op-ed: Next-Generation Networks Needed
Tue, January 12, 2016 | Posted by rebecca

*The Knoxville News Sentinel
this op-ed about Tennessee's restrictive broadband law on January 9, 2016.*

*Christopher Mitchell: Next-Generation Networks Needed*

Four words in Tennessee law are denying an important element of Tennessee's
proud heritage and restricting choices for Internet access across the state.

When private firms would not electrify Tennessee, public power came to the
rescue. In the same spirit, some local governments have built their own
next-generation Internet access networks because companies like AT&T
refused to invest in modern technology. These municipal networks have
created competition, dramatic consumer savings and a better business
climate in each of their communities.

The four words at issue prevent municipal electric utilities from expanding
their successful fiber optic Internet networks to their neighbors, a
rejection of the public investment that built the modern economy Tennessee
relies upon.

... Read the Entire Argument Here ...

Task Force in Rural Connecticut Explores Community’s Appetite for Fiber
Fri, January 15, 2016 | Posted by ternste

The newly formed Utilities Task Force
<http://townofreddingct.org/minute/utilities-task-force-3/> in the City of
Redding <http://townofreddingct.org/government/>, Connecticut, isexploring
potential of bringing fiber connectivity to this rural town of about 9,000
people. Redding is about 65 miles northeast of New York City and just 25
miles north of Stamford.

As part of their feasibility analysis, the task force sent a survey
residents and businesses to gauge interest in bringing a fiber network to
Redding. While the analysis is still ongoing, task force board member Susan
Clark expressed optimism. “I’ve been energized by how many people have
shown interest in this,” Clark told the News Times.

... Get the Rest of the Story Here ...

North Carolina Organizes for Local Internet Choice - Community Broadband
Bits Episode 184
Tue, January 12, 2016 | Posted by christopher

The Coalition for Local Internet Choice (CLIC)
<http://www.localnetchoice.org/> has its first local chapter with the
formation of CLIC-NC <http://www.localnetchoice.org/category/clic-nc/>.
Catharine Rice, who is both part of CLIC-NC and the Project Director for
CLIC, explains what is happening on episode 184 of the Community Broadband
Bits Podcast.

We remind listeners what CLIC is and the goals of CLIC-NC more
specifically. We also discuss the interesting comments of NC Attorney
General Roy Cooper, who is both challenging the FCC's authority to remove
North Carolina's anti-muni law and supportive of removing the law via the
state legislature.

Catharine has long been involved in the effort for Local Internet Choice
and put up an incredibly strong fight to stop anti-competition bills
<https://ilsr.org/killing-competition-nc/> advanced by Time Warner Cable,
AT&T, and others over multiple years in North Carolina. She was the guest
on our 5th episode <https://ilsr.org/killing-competition-nc/> of this show.

... Listen to the Show Here
... The transcript from this episode is available here

"Fusion Splicing" to Light Up Village Network
Mon, January 11, 2016 | Posted by ternste

Mahomet, Illinois, population 7,200, wanted to do something special to mark
the official launch of its community fiber network. The network connects
local public facilities as well as some area businesses. Instead of the
old-fashioned ribbon-cutting ceremony, the Village held a very 21st century
event in November to commemorate the occasion: a "fusion splicing" ceremony.

The local Mahomet Citizen described

With the press of a button, Acting Village President Sean Widener fused two
strands of fiber about the width of a human hair. A computer screen showed
the progress of the splice for the crowd, which included members of the
Chamber of Commerce, elected officials and Mahomet-Seymour administrators.

It was an occasion that might otherwise call for a ribbon-cutting, “but in
our industry, cutting is bad,” quipped Mark DeKeersgieter, executive
director of the CIRBN.

... Read the Full Fusiony Story Here ...

John St. Julien, Lafayette Community Leader, Passes
Tue, January 12, 2016 | Posted by lgonzalez

We learned yesterday that John St. Julien, one of the leading voices behind
the strong grassroots support of the LUS Fiber project, passed away
Sunday, January 10. His presence will be missed by us and by the many
people he helped through his work to bring better Internet access to
Lafayette, Louisiana.

John visited us for the Community Broadband Bits podcast for episodes #19
share his advice and experience as a grassroots organizer. John developed
the Lafayette Pro Fiber blog in the early days of the the LUS Fiber
<http://lusfiber.com/> network fight. The blog helped spread the truth
about the network and correct the lies spread by the incumbents. His
ability to communicate with the people of Lafayette set the record straight
so they could make informed decisions about a municipal fiber network.

... Rest in Peace John, More here ...

Fifteen Fun Facts about NoaNet - Fifteen Years of Accomplishments
Wed, January 13, 2016 | Posted by hannah

Northwest Open Access Network  <http://www.noanet.net/>(NoaNet) was just a
dream back in 2000, but, fifteen years later, it’s one of the largest
networks in the state of Washington. NoaNet is celebrating fifteen years of
accomplishments, so we compiled fifteen fun facts everyone should know
about this community network.

*1. One of the first Open Access networks in the U.S.*Back in 2000, people
in rural Washington watched as the dot-com and telecom boom passed
<http://muninetworks.org/glossary/1#term20> them by. Frustrated that large
ISPs refused to build infrastructure near them, the people created NoaNet
and allowed anyone to use it through Open Access. This type of design
encourages multiple service providers to share the infrastructure and local
communities own the network.

... Read all the Facts Here ...

Reedsburg Utility Commission Receives State Grant for Expansion
Sat, January 16, 2016 | Posted by lgonzalez

In April 2015, Wisconsin's Brett Schuppner from the Reedsburg Utility
Commission (RUC) had a conversation
Chris about the utility's plan to expand the municipal fiber network.
Funding is one of the biggest challenges but in December, the RUC learned
that it a state grant will help move those plans forward.

WisNews recently reported
the RUC applied for $110,000 to bring the triple-play
<http://muninetworks.org/glossary/1#term27> fiber network to Buckhorn Lake
in Sauk County. The Wisconsin Public Service Commission announced on
December 11th that the RUC will instead receive $69,300 which will allow
the network to extend to an additional 105 homes and 40 properties.

... Well Deserved!  More Here ...

High-Speed Broadband Access Becomes Lifeblood for Modern Healthcare
Thu, January 14, 2016 | Posted by ternste

More than ever before, innovations in healthcare technology are saving
lives. A series of 2015 stories from around the nation highlight the
importance of fast, affordable, reliable connectivity in using those
technologies to serve patients in both urban and rural settings.

*Broadband Speed and Medical Crises*

The first story comes from Craig Settles, <http://cjspeaks.com/> an expert
on broadband access issues. In his line of work, Settles is constantly
thinking about, talking about, and writing about the many virtues of
broadband technology. But Settles explains that after recently suffering a
stroke that required rapid medical attention, he gained a new perspective
the issue.

... More on Health Care and High Quality Internet access ...

Community Broadband Media Roundup - January 19
Tue, January 19, 2016 | Posted by Nick <http://muninetworks.org/users/nick>


Catching fiber
Kara Guzman, Good Times Weekly

“We’re solving our own market problems with a local company, through local
government, to protect our community’s interests,” says Guevara. “This
isn’t solely about technology. The Internet is access to the world and all
the ideas and all the things to come that we can’t even foresee.


Newark, Del., to study municipal broadband options
Phil Goldstein, State Tech Magazine

 ... Get the Full Community Network Media Roundup here ...

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