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Hi Folks

Here is what I sent to Diane Parro in regards to our selection for the 
DavisGIG position on the Task Force.

At this time, it is unclear as to Chris Clements's status, in regards to 
what group he will represent, UCD or DavisGIG.

Diane responded that a subcommittee of the council will be 
reviewing/interviewing people for the At large positions, so hopefully 
some of you applied that way.

I also found out that John Paul will be at the first meeting, which is 
great. He is part of Spiral Internet, and just rec'd CASF funding for 
building a fiber network in the Grass Valley, Nevada City area.


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Hi Diane

Thanks for being staff liason for this Task Force.

Here are some people we have selected for representation on the Task Force

Davis Community Network -

Mike Adams
mike790 at gmail.com

DavisGIG - our pick for DavisGIG depends on UCD and what choice they make.

1) Chris Clements - unless he is selected by UCD.
clements at ucdavis.edu

2) Jeff Mischinsky
jmischki at dcn.davis.ca.us

Since we are still uncertain about Chris, Jeff should be applying to one
of the At Large positions. We support him
from a long term community perspective, (resident since 1983), solid
grounding in technical operations, and prior efforts on standards
committees for his past work with Oracle. Recently retired from a
40+year career in IT.

Other residents we support that are applying for at large positions
would be Gary Darling (was on the Task Force that brought Internet to
Davis for the first time in 1992)  and Steve McMahon (longtime member of
the now defunct Telecommunications Commission)

Thanks, looks forward to seeing the rest of the composition of the
committee, and some more details as to what sort of time and content you
want from me in a "background presentation" for the first meeting.


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