[Davisgig] Buttons and Bumper Stickers

Todd Kaiser tdkaiser at ucdavis.edu
Tue Feb 9 18:07:54 PST 2016

Hi Everyone!

Is there any interest in having some buttons and bumper stickers made? I'm
trying to think of a cool phrase to catch people's attention and start
conversations. Any suggestions?

We can have 2.25" buttons made by a Buttons 'n Bears
<https://www.facebook.com/Buttons-n-Bears-Oh-My-193881057323648/> in town
for $2 each and the cost comes down with bulk orders. I'd be willing to
front my own money for a small batch that can be handed out at farmers

Any interest in printing bumper stickers? Chime in by email or on Trello is
so! There's more pricing information on the PR Efforts board.

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