[Davisgig] [Davisgig-announce] Davis city council endorses the RFP created by DavisGig and the Broadband Advisory Task Force.

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Woo-hoo! Great job!

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> Hi Davisites
> This is some copy from the DCN facebook page about last night's city
> council action:
> In a unanimous vote last night, the council approved a call for proposals
> to evaluate the city's options for a fiber-optic network that could bring
> gigabit internet connections to local homes and businesses. The feasibility
> study will give the city ideas about how much various implementations of a
> broadband network would cost, what risks are involved and what benefits
> might be possible. That information would help the city and its Broadband
> Advisory Task Force make informed choices.
> The Request For Proposals the city plans to issue is based on a draft
> composed by DavisGIG and supported by the Davis Community Network. The BATF
> updated the draft and unanimously advised the city to issue the RFP and
> fund the study.
> Issuing an RFP for a feasibility study is the city's first concrete step
> towards building a municipal broadband network. If the network is
> determined feasible, the next step would be a more thorough, and expensive,
> engineering study. The RFP and response process will probably last through
> most of the remainder of the year, with the actual study conducted over six
> months in 2017.
> Thanks
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