[Davisgig] City Council meeting about broadband RFP tonight

Jeff Mischkinsky jmischki at dcn.davis.ca.us
Tue Aug 30 09:59:50 PDT 2016

hi Christian (and anyone else who would like to be involved in the City Council meeting),

The Broadband item is scheduled for approximately 7:30 +/-.
  There should be an opportunity for public comment during this agenda item.

   There is also a generic public comment period at the beginning of the meeting (at 6:30) where anyone can make a short statement. If you can’t stay for the Broadband item, you can make a statement during this time.

The agenda can be found at:

Please do come and share your perspective.

  jeff (DavisGIG rep on the BATF)

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> I would like to be involved during this city council meeting if possible and
> share my perspective as a business owner in Davis. I also own 502 Mace Blvd
> Building representing more than 8 businesses including Yolo First 5.
> It is critical that we be less dependent on comcast's unreliable Internet
> service. I feel that we are a decade behind countries like South  Korea and
> France when they get 100 MB starting effective speed for less than $40 Euros
> per month. Here we pay at least $120 per month for a mere effective 30MB
> best case scenario.
> This is unreal for a nation that claims technology leadership in the world
> and when you think that we are only 70 miles away from Silicon Valley.
> I am willing to offer at least $1,000 donation provided this guarantees
> access to a FAST speed and reliable internet alternative to this town ? I
> know many businesses who would donate more. Indeed having an independent
> alternative to reliable and fast speed internet is a smart investment in our
> community's future for residents AND supporting businesses.
> Christian Renaudin 
> Hello Davisites 
> Please READ ? TLDR ? Make the City Council Meeting on Tues.
> Our City Council will take its first important step toward realizing our
> goal of a community owned fiber optic network! Next Tuesday's 8/30/16 City
> Council meeting will feature a report by the Broadband Advisory Task Force,
> and a vote of affirmation in support of our important work in procuring a
> feasibility study for fiber optic cable deployment for all the homes and
> businesses in Davis. Assuming this carries, the RFP will go forward as a
> request from, and funded by, City of Davis.  City council members will
> receive the draft RFP in their materials packets and will vote on approval
> of it for publishing.
> This RFP is based on the one we DavisGIG developed some months back, with
> some small changes.
> This is the important first step. DavisGIG has raised funds for the study,
> and building on that success, now the City Council will be stepping in to
> fully fund this study, as well as the essential conduit and infrastructure
> mapping, and code changes to implement a Dig Once policy. DavisGIG and DCN
> will use your generously contributed funds to support and sustain this
> effort through community outreach efforts while this study, and others, like
> engineering, and demand aggregation efforts, go forward.
> All of you, DavisGIG, and the BATF, are about to take the very important
> step of reclaiming network access from big investor owned entities, and
> managing this ourselves, locally, in our own community. Lets work together,
> if you think you have a worthwhile perspective to share, come down, and give
> 3 minutes to tell the council members.
> This is a milestone, and its important for citizens to come and speak at
> public comment in support of this item, which will feature presentations
> from Diane Parro, CIO City of Davis, and Chris Clements, BATF Chair. This is
> the first meeting of the new City Council, a new group of leaders, with an
> important agenda, and its imperative they know how important a fiber optic
> deployment is to our residents and businesses. They want to know the
> considered opinion of citizens on this matter, and not just "X Company
> sucks!!" or "I need more speeds.."
> It will also be great for them to see some more people supporting and
> working on,  DavisGIG, aside from Jeff M and I.
> A community owned fiber optic network is an investment in our future. Not
> only will it provide very reliable and cheaper Internet connections to
> everyone now, we will help fund our city through our monthly broadband
> payments, and get better service without the constant worry of ever
> increasing Internet access bills. Furthermore, building out our own
> telecommunications plant gives us lots of options.
> Our city will be able to implement real time telemetry throughout its
> utility operations, and realize lots of benefits unbounded network access
> has to offer. See some of the exciting applications being sponsored by
> US-Ignite at www.us-ignite.org <http://www.ignite.org/>
> So good job, as has been told again and often, this is a multi year process,
> but our work so far is starting to bear significant results.
> Thank you for your continued interest and engagement.

Jeff Mischkinsky
jmischki at dcn.davis.ca.us       +1 530-758-9850

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