[Davisgig] Comcast Franchise ending and the Inet

Robert Nickerson rob at omsoft.com
Thu Apr 28 17:38:50 PDT 2016


Both Autumn ( the ED of DMA) and Harriet (City Attorney) believe that 
Comcast will continue not charging the City anything at all for the Inet 
after the 09/30/2018 end of the Comcast Franchise.

No agreement, just don't do anything, they wont do anything.

This doesn't make sense to me, but I trust both of these people. Autumn 
has a pretty good understanding of whats happening in other communities 
after cable franchise turnovers and she is not seeing this happen.

I'm sure glad we have an attorney that works with franchises so much 
that they won't mess with Davis.

I've heard from other consultants about this happening in other 
jurisdictions, but that is really hearsay I suppose. It seems like 
Christine Crawford from LAFCO heard the same things.
Got A DEEPER  story of this happening much closer to home from the CEO 
of Spiral Net too, so its something we might want to look into just to 
be sure.  Also, as Steve M pointed out, that is still a long time from 
now in Internet time, and looks like Comcast is going to start buying 
Content companies, so they might want to no longer leave money lying on 
the table.

In my experience whenever ATT bought something in the BILLIONS prices 
would go up across the services to make up for the diff.

Comcast will not sell the Inet fibers to Davis because each building on 
it gets  6 strands within likely a 32, 64, 144 or higher count bundle of 
fiber that Comcast puts customer traffic on.


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