[Davisgig] OFF TOPIC - Fwd: net neutrality threatened by HR2666 to be voted on this Friday

Robert Nickerson rob at omsoft.com
Wed Apr 13 12:30:28 PDT 2016

Hi All

I've been asked by some list members to send this on to you.

Please take it into consideration.


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Subject: 	net neutrality threatened by HR2666 to be voted on this Friday
Date: 	Wed, 13 Apr 2016 09:37:10 -0700
From: 	Larry Dieterich <macworks at dcn.org>
To: 	Robert Nickerson <omrob at omsoft.com>, Craig Dorrough 
<craig at omsoft.com>, Amy Nickerson <anick at omsoft.com>, Paul Biddle 
<pbiddle at omsoft.com>


I’m called my congressman today.

John Garamendi (here is the map of his district)

Phone: (202) 225-1880

I told the staffer that I am a supporter of Net Neutrality and I request 
Congressman Garamendi to oppose HR2666 because it is poorly written and 
can be interpreted to undermine net neutrality.

The person asked me for my name and address and thanked me for the call.

This is the map of the Third District.

If you are outside the district, you can find you Representative’s 
contact information at this site.
Use the zip code tool at the top of the landing page.

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