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Todd Kaiser tdkaiser at ucdavis.edu
Fri May 29 12:06:43 PDT 2015

Hi All,

We started an entry on Davis Wiki, and I posted it to the front page.
Please feel free to edit and expand upon it!


On Thu, May 28, 2015 at 3:57 PM, Robert Nickerson <rob at omsoft.com> wrote:

>  Hi Davisites
> 1) PR Efforts
> Ducks are being lined up in the background here over this last month. Here
> is a list of some things volunteers have accomplished.
>     - We now have a logo, a vinyl printed banner of the logo.
>     - We have a draft of a long form talk for service and community
> groups.
>     - We have social media links on our test website, and a paypal
> donation mechanism.
>     - We have one letter done for the Enterprise.
>     - We have checked the DFM regs for having a table and are ready
> So its time to get out there, and talk to our community, and build
> excitement for this coming project.
> There are 2-3 more things that need to be in place before we hit the
> communtiy as a whole with the news, but those should be relatively easily
> done by the first week of June.
> Following our aforementioned published PR plan we will be tabling on
> Saturdays at the DFM throughout the month of June, and *NEED VOLUNTEERS*
> to come and populate the table, eager and excited about community-owned
> fiber broadband.
> Please see the document here: https://goo.gl/xFFYgu
> and sign up to take a shift. If you are ambitious and have time there are
> some 2-3 tasks left to do, plus please free to add any you think are
> missing in the PR area.
> 2) DCN as a Fiscal Agent for this project
> DCN volunteers have created a draft MOU Agreement to be the Fiscal Agent
> for our efforts. Part of the PR effort of course involves raising funds to
> get the project rolling and approved. They have moved that a seperate
> General Ledger account be created specifically to recieve and distribute
> funds for the effort to make community owned broadband  fiber a reality in
> Davis.
> Please contact me off list if you are interested in being part of editing
> this draft from the Davis Gig group. I'm exempting myself,  from this as
> I'm on the DCN board.
> We also need someone willing to authorize and sign to it as a
> representative of Davis GIG, the ad-hoc citizens committee.
> 3) Fresh Website
> A new version of the site is available at www-test.davisgig.org.
> This was also done to make the front end of the site more easily
> maintainable by the current web team volunteers. The backend has not
> changed.
> This has incorporated Davis imagery, social media links, and a counter.
> You can now donate through the paypal link button. Please do so, so we can
> purchase
> PR materials from local Davis businesses.
> I'd like to invite everyone on this list to please take a look, and donate
> what you can.
> usr: test
> pas: 123test
> 4) Meeting in June?
> Anyone want to have a regular meeting? My thoughts are, there will be a
> lot of effort put in this month, so perhaps we should just see how it goes
> with the outreach, see if people signup, and if donations begin to roll.
> --
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