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Jim Stewart jstewart at jkmicro.com
Fri May 29 09:52:26 PDT 2015

Hello everyone,

I've been lurking here and talking with Rob from the
beginning.  I haven't had much time to get involved,
but I do think I can help with some things.  I printed
the logo on 36" polypropylene banner material and it
came out beautiful, both the design and the printing.

I've been wondering if the presentation would be
better if we made a banner incorporating the logo and
some bullet points in a rectangular form factor.
That would give us something that would fit nicely
on the front of a table and would be the right shape
for a bumper sticker.

Attached is an example of what I'm talking about.

Note that I am neither a writer or a graphics artist,
I'm just throwing out an idea.  If you like the concept,
please redo it artistically and textually so that fits
with the style and goals of the group.

I'd be happy to print as many banners as needed and
look into getting bumper stickers made.

-jim stewart

Robert Nickerson wrote:
> Hi Folks
> Attached is our new logo.
> This will be on a variety of materials.
> Quickly though on
> 1) Vinyl banner for tabling
> 2) Handouts
> 3) Stickers
> THANK YOU to everyone that helped make it happen.
> Again, another item needed for this effort
>   provided by locals,  to help make this happen.
> Specifically Davis based designer Samantha Almaguer
> <https://www.behance.net/Samaelle>,
> So we are sending this out to you all to get advice on the colors.
> Personally my pref is to go with the pallete from UCD, or DHS (which our
> website has I guess)
> Anyone have strong opinions one way or another?
> Thanks
> --
> Rob Nickerson
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