[Urcad] Internet Access Maintenance Window

Omsoft Systems Administration sysadmin at omsoft.com
Thu Dec 5 17:53:48 PST 2019

Hi Omsoft URC Internet Customers,

We are announcing a maintenance window on Tuesday December 10th between 
noon and 2pm, to install and upgrade the core Internet router at the 
University Retirement Community (URC) campus. All of the URC campus 
customers connect through this Internet hardware, as well as the free 
WiFi. We anticipate the actual downtime during this window to be only 
5-10 minutes, but with all major network upgrades, it caries a certain 
amount of risk of possible instability in the network.

This hardware will be capable of delivering the increased performance 
from the new higher capacity 250 Mbps circuit we have had installed at 
URC. As a result,  as part of this upgrade, we will be providing at no 
additional charge, a 100% increase in purchased capacity, as the 
delivery infrastructure allows.

Here is what the new rates will look like:

$27.95 - 16 Mbps/4 Mbps - enough for streaming in 4K, the newest high 
definition streaming video standard, on one device
$37.95 - 22 Mbps/8 Mbps - for residents streaming in 4K that need plenty 
of capacity for other devices
$49.95 - 30 Mbps/10 Mbps - 2 4K streams - good for Virtual Reality gear, 
like Oculus Rift, cloud backups.

The intermediate residential network equipment, which are called 
switches, in all the telco closets in the facility require an upgrade 
and network redesign to deliver more capacity to residents at URC. We 
hope to complete this in 2020, and transition to a 25/50/100 Mbps 
service offering to residents using this new router and bandwidth 
capacity which will be  available as of this upgrade on Tuesday. 
Although we believe present needs are met, as more devices and daily 
activities are done over the Internet, we believe the service offering 
should be re positioned to meet these future needs.

Thanks for your patience during this maintenance window.

Omsoft Systems Administration

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