Omsoft Systems Administration sysadmin at omsoft.com
Mon Feb 11 11:14:02 PST 2013

Dear Omsoft and DCN Customers

We have some exciting news, a new website, and a new customer service 
location to better serve your needs.

First, our new website is an update 2.5 years in the making and utilizes 
the open source content management platform, Drupal. Our older
site was crafted in the year 2000, and has served us well, however it 
has been looking a little old. Through this new website, we offer new 
services to our community, and continue developing our web presence with 
new content. It is available at www.omsoft.com.

Some exciting new services are, OmFusion, a bundled phone and DSL 
product, discounted computer repairs for our Internet customers, and 
Fiber optic Connections for business parks, Apartment Complexes or 
Shopping Centers.

Second, as of 01/02/13, our new customer service location is at:
				1930 5th St Suite C
				Davis CA 95616
This is at the very back of the 1930 5th ST building. Although we dearly 
loved being roomed with our comrades at DMA,  our needs outgrew the 
space available in the building, and so this culminates a near two year 
look into a new space.

We leave our network and Internet infrastructure safely there under lock 
and key, but have moved our customer service
facilities to this much roomier space.

PLEASE NOTE: This is the new address we aretaking check and cash 
payments at, so make sure and change your automated bill pay if you have 
it setup at your bank.

Thanks for your patronage

Omsoft Systems Administration

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