[Urcad] Dreaded Fiber Cut

URCAD Internet Access User List urcad at list.omsoft.com
Sat Jul 23 21:33:57 PDT 2011

 At approximately 10:30 am on Saturday July 23rd, a major cut of fiber 
 optic cable bundle occurred in Davis CA.

 This was an inadvertent construction accident, as these often are, 
 since this fiber bundle is buried in conduit 4-6 feet underground. Much 
 copper infrastructure was also damaged.

 Approximately 150 strands of fiber were cut. Within this bundle were 
 bulk circuits we use to carry DSL customer traffic to our office, and 
 also our traffic to our Sacramento Data Center facility and the 

 ATT contractors were the source of the cut, and fiber optic repair 
 crews have been working since 2pm, splicing these cable pairs to resolve 
 the issue. Service was restored out at restored 9pm.

 We apologize this had to happen, and it took so long for ATT to fix.

 FWIW We have had our DSL services fiber for over 12 years without 
 incident, so its a freak occurrence.

 Thanks for your patience

 Omsoft Systems Administraton
 Om Networks

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