[Urcad] Intermittent Lags

URCAD Internet Access User List urcad at list.omsoft.com
Wed Apr 6 16:11:47 PDT 2011

HI All

Today we have discovered a problem on the network at URC, which we 
believe originated with the power work last Friday AM.

Specifically we are seeing small amounts of Internet packet loss over 
the network. This would cause intermittent slowdowns, half way page 
loads etc.

We have a tech scheduled tomorrow morning to restart the equipment and 
investigate the likely source of the loss, and anticipate we will do so 
around Thursday @ 9:30AM. During that time there will be a momentary 
interruption in service, of 3-5 minutes.

The issue might persist after that while we have replacement hardware 
shipped over to swap things out.

We will keep you posted tomorrow afternoon as to the status.

Rob Nickerson

Om Networks
UCD Class of 96
C: 530-848-3865

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