URCAD Internet Access User List urcad at list.omsoft.com
Sat Dec 11 05:22:12 PST 2010


Changes are afoot ;)

We are in the process of changing interfaces your fiber connects to on 
our core router. We are upgrading from a 100Mbps, or Fast Ethernet 
Interface, to a 1000Mbps, Gigabit Ethernet interface.

We first executed this early Wed 12.8.10 at about 2am, and it broke 
Thursday morning at about 8:47 am for no good reason that we can 
determine. We've researched for a few days, and come up with some 
changes, turned on debugging, and are trying it again. AS of about 
4:30am today you are back on this Gigabit Ethernet interface, but since 
we don't know exactly what the problem was, it might go down again. The 
last time it was up for a day and a half or so before it inexplicably died.

We should get paged when this happens, and will respond and effect 
repair hopefully in 15-30 minutes or so. Since we went through the fire 
drill Thursday, we know exactly how to move back to the old interface to 
clear the issue.

If you notice any oddity or downtime longer than 15-30 minutes please 
let us know at 530-848-3865, or 530-758-2143.

Thanks for your support


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