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You can maintain physical distance and still take action. Please sign and share these petitions if you have not already.  
New petitions are being added to this list at <> . 
If you have a petition you want to share, send it to SacReg4PalestinianRights at


► Tell our elected officials to help the people of Palestine now: 

1.     <> Tell Congress to Provide Necessary Humanitarian Assistance to Palestinians Battling COVID-19 Outbreak

2.     <> Defund the Gaza Blockade

3.     <> Tell Congress to end the blockade on Gaza NOW. 

4.     <> Stop Israeli killer drones. 

5.     <> Tell Congress to defund Israel’s human rights abuses and re-fund life-saving programs for Palestinians. 

6.     <> Dismantle the Ghetto: Take the settlers out of Hebron.

7.     <> Israel must release all Palestinian child detainees amid Covid 19 pandemic


►Tell our elected officials to end U.S. economic warfare against the people of Iran, Cuba and Venezuela:

●  <> End Sanctions again Iran.

● Suspend Sanctions on Venezuela now <> .

● Tell Trump and Congress: End Cuba Embargo <> 

To contact Congress directly, click for contact info <> .

To subscribe or unsubscribe, send an email to SacReg4PalestinianRights at <mailto:SacReg4PalestinianRights at> 


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