Protest 11/3 Zionist event & tell Kevin McCarty not to go on Israel junket

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- Tell Kevin McCarty don’t go 
- 10/29/19: McCarty town Hall
- 11/3/19: Protest racist CUFI (Christians United for Israel)
-  Tell Congress to support HR 2407 and H Res 496


► Tell CA Assemblymember Kevin McCarty <>  (Sacramento)) NOT to go on a political propaganda trip to Israel this December. 

If McCarty goes, he is giving tacit approval to: Israel’s refusal to allow Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib to take a delegation to Israel; Israel’s brutal assault on Gaza, its maiming and torturing of Palestinian children; Israel’s racist apartheid “National law” <>  passed last year; and Israel’s other human rights abuses. 

McCarty, who went on a pro-Israel propaganda ten years ago, turned down the invitation last year, but this year has decided to go. All CA legislators were handed delivered letters <>  last month.

Contact <> : Phone  916-319-2007, fax 916-319-2107, email via website <mailto:via%20website>  or to assemblymember.mccarty at <mailto:assemblymember.mccarty at> 

► Tuesday, October 29, 2019: Attend Assemblymember Kevin McCarty’s Town Hall and tell him not to go on Israel junket.  

Raley Studio for Performing Arts, 2420 N St., Sacramento. 
The meeting starts at 6pm. If you are interested in leafletting before the event starts, please email: SacramentoBDS at <mailto:SacramentoBDS at> .

► Sunday, November 3, 2019, 5:30pm, Rise Against Racism, Protest CUFI at their night to honor Israel at the Abundant Life Fellowship, 708 Atlantic St., Roseville. 
FMI: SacramentoSabeel at

CUFI (Christians United for Israel) is the largest Christian Zionist <>  organization working to promote Israel’s ongoing violations of human rights and expansionist policies at the cost of Palestinian lives, rights, and livelihood. 

Through mass Christian base-building, government lobbying, and misinformation, CUFI attempts to provide moral cover for Israel’s human rights abuses, suffocating siege on the Gaza Strip, the illegal theft of Palestinian land, and the military occupation that controls nearly all aspects of Palestinian life. 

CUFI is premised on  <> Christian Zionism, which purports that modern Israel is a continuation of Biblical Israel and that Christians are responsible for supporting the Israeli regime and its abusive, racist, and apartheid policies.

► Ask Congress to protect Palestinian children and free speech. 

● Click to ask your representative to co-sponsor HR 2407 <> , to help protect Palestinian children from abuse by the Israeli military.

● Click to tell your Congressmember to so-sponsor H Res 496 <>  affirming our right to boycott.


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