Stop Resolution against Rep. Omar. Protect our right to criticize AIPAC and Israel's abuses - Take action now.

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Tue Mar 5 14:19:50 PST 2019

Tell Democratic Leadership: Stand behind Rep. Ilhan Omar, Oppose all
Bigotry, and Protect our Right to Boycott

Using a false definition of antisemitism, the House is poised to introduce a
4>  targeting Rep. Omar for telling
elling-truth-about-israel-lobby> the truth about AIPAC.
jO_gTwmEcASjVVg/viewform> Click to sign Petition.

Also in the House is
-billions-of-dollars-combat-bds/> HR 336, a
<> bill
that includes giving Israel $38 billion over the next decade and the “
nconstitutional/> Combating BDS Act of 2019” that attempts to restrict our
constitutional right to boycott.

Tell Speaker Pelosi and your representative:

● Any resolution that condemns one form of bigotry must condemn all forms
of bigotry and supremacism based on religion, ethnicity, or race.

● You appreciate Rep. Omar’s telling the truth about AIPAC and want her
supported, not attacked.

● They must protect our right to boycott and vote against HR 336 that
includes the
nconstitutional/> Combating BDS Act of 2019 and well as a giveaway of  tax
payer dollars to a human rights violating government.

● Criticizing Israel or boycotting its abusive policies is NOT

Contact information:

 <> Nancy Pelosi 202-225-0100 (press 1 to
leave a message) -  <> Email
 <> Doris Matsui  ( <tel:2022257163> 202)
225-7163 -  <> Email
 <> Ami Bera (202) 225-5716 -
<> Email
 <> John Garamendi 202 225-1880 -
<> Email
All other  <>
representatives: 202-224-3121,  <>
Click for more information
4> .

Tell Senators  <>
Feinstein &  <> Harris NO amendments to
> S.J. Res 7

S.J. Res 7 is an important resolution to end unauthorized U.S. military
involvement in Yemen. Unfortunately, its companion bill, H.J. Res 37 in the
House was tampered with by adding provisions to try to silence criticism of
Tell our Senators not to do the same, see Coalition letters to
stein.pdf>  Feinstein and
is.pdf> Harris.
FMI: SacPeace at

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