Action needed this week to stop anti-Palestinian rights activism bill AB 2844

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Mon May 23 15:18:46 PDT 2016

If you have not taken action, please do and please ask others to do the

Protect free speech & economic activism:
mic-activism-please-help-stop-ab-2844-may-18-2016.pdf> Help stop AB 2844!

Make your calls & send your emails before this Friday, May 27!

    AB 2844 threatens to penalize protected free speech of those who oppose
Israel’s well-documented human rights abuses against Palestinians as they
participate in economic activism pressure Israel to comply with
international law.  

    AB 2844 could be decided on this Friday, May 27 in the Assembly
Appropriations Committee, so your calls and emails are needed now.
mic-activism-please-help-stop-ab-2844-may-18-2016.pdf> Click for contact
phones & emails & more info or see below. If you are able to attend the may
27 hearing, please email  <mailto:SacReg4PalestinianRights at>
SacReg4PalestinianRights at and we will follow-up with you.

If you can only make one call, call committee Chair Lorena Gonzales
     Ask her to prevent AB 2844 from moving forward in her capacity as Chair
of the Appropriations Committee.  
     You can simply say you oppose the bill or give her your reasons for
→ AB 2844 is a costly and unconstitutional attack on free speech. 
 → Boycotts are a legitimate forms of political expression
→ AB 2844 singles out the grassroots movement for justice in Palestine,
attempting to silence those who oppose Israel’s well-documented violations
of human rights and international law.
→ Even as amended AB 2844 still unconstitutionally chills protected free
→ AB 2844 and bills like it that do the bidding of the Israel lobby are a
waste of your California taxpayer dollars.
→ Click for more talking points

Phone numbers for Appropriations Committee members <

 <> Lorena S. Gonzalez (Chair)  916-319-2080

 <> Frank Bigelow (Vice Chair)  916-319-2005

 <> Richard Bloom (author AB 2844) 916-319-2050

 <> Susan A. Bonilla  916-319-2014

 <> Rob Bonta  916-319-2018

 <> Ian C. Calderon  916-319-2057

 <> Ling Ling Chang  916-319-2055

 <> Tom Daly  916-319-2069

 <> Susan Talamantes Eggman  916-319-2013

 <> James Gallagher  916-319-2003

 <> Eduardo Garcia  916-319-2056

 <> Roger Hernández  916-319-2048

 <> Chris R. Holden  916-319-2041

 <> Brian W. Jones  916-319-2071

 <> Jay Obernolte  916-319-2033

 <> Bill Quirk  916-319-2020

 <> Miguel Santiago  916-319-2053

 <> Donald P. Wagner  916-319-2068

 <> Shirley N. Weber  916-319-2079

 <> Jim Wood  916-319-2002

Copy and paste the Appropriations Committee member emails into your message:

Chair Lorena Gonzales: assemblymember.gonzalez at

assemblymember.bigelow at;
assemblymember.bloom at;
<mailto:assemblymember.bonilla at>
assemblymember.bonilla at;
<mailto:assemblymember.bonta at> assemblymember.bonta at assembly.; 

 <mailto:assemblymember.calderon at>
assemblymember.calderon at;
<mailto:assemblymember.chang at> assemblymember.chang at assembly.; 

 <mailto:assemblymember.daly at>
assemblymember.daly at;
<mailto:assemblymember.Eggman at>
assemblymember.Eggman at; 

 <mailto:assemblymember.gallagher at>
assemblymember.gallagher at;
<mailto:assemblymember.eduardogarcia at>
assemblymember.eduardogarcia at; 

 <mailto:assemblymember.hernandez at>
assemblymember.hernandez at;
<mailto:assemblymember.holden at>
assemblymember.holden at; 

 <mailto:assemblymember.jones at>
assemblymember.jones at;
<mailto:assemblymember.obernolte at>
assemblymember.obernolte at; 

 <mailto:assemblymember.quirk at>
assemblymember.quirk at;
<mailto:assemblymember.santiago at>
assemblymember.santiago at; 

 <mailto:assemblymember.wagner at>
assemblymember.wagner at;
< at> at assembly.; 

 <mailto:assemblymember.wood at>
assemblymember.wood at


Copy and paste these Appropriations Committee staff emails into the cc: 
Chuck.Nicol at;  katie.masingale at;
<mailto:guy.strahl at> guy.strahl at;
sonja.palladino at;  evan.corder at;
ryan.pierini at;   <mailto:christopher.finarelli at>
christopher.finarelli at;  <mailto:david.miller at>
david.miller at; gustavo.medina at;
<mailto:katja.townsend at> katja.townsend at;
<mailto:emmanuel.martinez at> emmanuel.martinez at;
evan.mclaughlin at;  erica.martinez at;
nicholas.liedtke at;  ted.blanchard at;
<mailto:joshua.hoover at;%20%20> joshua.hoover at;
<mailto:tomasa.duenas at> tomasa.duenas at;
jaspreet.johl at;  david.scheidt at;
<mailto:crystal.quezada at> crystal.quezada at;
<mailto:tony.bui at> tony.bui at 


Please take action now!


Reminder: Tuesday, May 31 North America Nakba Tour:

The Exiled Palestinians: Stateless Palestinians from the Refugee
Camps in Lebanon tell their stories

Tuesday, May 31, 2016
909 12th St. Sacramento

FMI: 916-873-6619

On May 14, 1948, as Zionist leader David Ben Gurion was proclaiming a Jewish
state in Palestine, his troops drove out the inhabitants of the ancient
Palestinian town of al-Zeeb. Eighteen year-old Mariam Fathalla was one of
them. Now 86 years old, Mariam has spent the last 68 years in crowded,
makeshift refugee camps in Lebanon. She has raised three generations, all
waiting to return to Palestine. Israel does not allow them to visit their
homes, much less live there. She and a younger Palestinian refugee will
share their experiences of exile and hopes for return. 



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