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Please sign & share the petition <>  asking Sacramento Regional Transit (Sac RT) to not extend its contract with human rights-violating G4S <> .  G4S, the largest private security company in the world, is complicit in and profiting from violation of human rights and international law around the globe.  <>  Churches, foundations, colleges and universities have divested from and refused to contract with G4S <> .  

1000 Black activists, artists and scholars <>  have recently called for join struggle again G4S, because “G4S harms thousands of Palestinian political prisoners  <> illegally held in Israel and hundreds of Black and brown  <> youth held in its privatized juvenile prisons in the US. The corporation profits from incarceration and deportation from the US and Palestine,  <> to the UK,  <> South Africa, and  <> Australia.” 


Here’s more you can do:

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- Add your group’s name to the letter to the RT Board <>  – email SacRideHuman at
- Help distribute handouts at your school, work, place of worship, and other locations:  SacRideHuman at

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NOTE: This campaign is directed at G4S, not its local workers.  They deserve to be rehired by a company that does not violate human rights and their right to organize must be guaranteed.



Voices from Palestine: Two Women tell their Stories

Wednesday, October 21, 2015, 7pm
First United Methodist Church
2100 J Street,  Sacramento
FMI: SabeelSacramento at

Sahar  Abbasi, a mother of four and deputy director of Madaa Silwan Creative Center <>  located in East Jerusalem will provide a firsthand account of daily life under occupation and siege by the Israeli military.  She will also talk about the impact of child arrests on the children as well as the larger community. Abbasi is on a U.S. tour hosted by the Middle East Children’s Alliance <> . 

Journalist Charlotte Silver <> , will talk about Gaza and the newly released anthology, Gaza Unsilenced.  Silver reported from the West Bank, Palestine for two years. She writes regularly for The Electronic Intifada and Al Jazeera English. Her work has appeared on The Nation, In These Times, VICE and Jacobin Magazine. 


    Room Number 4: Photograph display 
Illustrating the violations of Palestinian children’s rights in East Jerusalem, Room No 4 refers to the Israeli room at the Russian Compound in Jerusalem where the children are interrogated after they are arrested. The staged photos are accompanied by written testimonies from the children themselves. Additional photos show the violations of children’s rights in Jerusalem from home demolitions to illegal settler violence. 
   Photographs from Gaza will also be displayed.




Please  <> sign new petitions for Palestinian rights:  
           ►  <> Stop the illegal Separation Barrier.
           ► Tell Congress:  <> Stand against forced displacement.
           ►  No Weapons for Israel <> .



Support Palestinian rights: don't buy products <>  from or invest in <>  companies that support Israel’s occupation & apartheid.




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