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  The SacRideHuman <>  campaign asking
Sacramento Regional Transit to end its contract with
<> human rights-violating G4S has
been launched!  G4S, the world’s largest private security company is
complicit in and profiting from well-documented violations of human rights
and other international laws
-rights-violations-corruption-and-management-failures.pdf> .  Sacramento
Regional Transit’s contract with G4S expires at the end of this fiscal year
(6/30/15) unless the RT Board extends it.  Over two dozen local groups,
several clergy and others have asked RT <>
not to extend the contract and to incorporate criteria to exclude companies
that are involved in human rights violations. Learn more at:
  Yes to public transportation! Yes to human rights!

  ● Please like and share the SacRTRiders4HumanRights- No G4S
67941923331735/timeline/> - SacRideHuman new facebook page.

  ● Please sign and share the petition
<> :

  ● Please follow @SacRideHuman on twitter.
  ● Add your group’s name to the letter
<> : SacRideHuman at

  Please sign new petitions for Palestinian rights
<> , including no weapons for Israel.

Upcoming events:
  Phyllis Bennis will speak & sign her new book, Understanding ISIS and the
New Global War on Terror
by-the-us-war-on-terror/209488/> , in Sacramento on September 30, 7pm at
Time Tested Books, 1114, 21st St, Sacramento. FMI: 916-447-5696

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