Stop Israel’s Escalating Attacks on Palestinians

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Following Israel’s announcement of two “suspects” in the reported June 12 disappearance of the three Israeli students <> , hundreds of Israeli soldiers are raiding homes in Hebron in a massive assault and illegal collective punishment.  See:   <>

What you can do:

► Call the Sacramento Bee and demand that they report on Palestinians deaths as a result of Israel’s rampage.  The June 27 print version of the Bee’s article about Israel naming suspects  in kidnapping of teens (text below) says nothing about  <> Israel’s killing and abducting of Palestinians.  Write a letter to the editor countering the June 27 Bee letter: Don’t Expect Israel to negotiate, (text below).

► Contact Congress, Pres Obama & the State Dept. and demand that the US condemn Israel’s actions and exert pressure to stop their assault on Palestinians.  Tell them you want all U.S. aid to Israel stopped as these latest attacks are a continuation of Israel’s violations of human rights and international law that you do not want supported by our tax dollars. 

White House:  202-456-1111;  <>
State Department:  <>
Congress: 202-224-3121;  <>;  <>
(Contact info for local representatives is below.)

► Sign this petition to the European Parliament, United Nations: Stop Israeli collective punishment perpetrated against the Palestinians <> 

► Contact your CA State Assembly member and tell them you oppose State Senate Concurrent Resolution (SCR) <>  121, which gives the Legislature’s support for the memorandum of understanding for strategic partnerships for joint innovation, exchanges, and cooperation between California and Israel. Until Israel respects stops violating international law and the human rights of the Palestinian people, California should NOT be partnering with them.  This resolution, which has past the State Senate and is now in Assembly Committee is a follow-up to an agreement signed by Gov. Brown <>  in February this year. Click for contact info <>  or see below.

► Share this alert <>  with your friends, family and colleagues.

► Sign petitions for Palestinian rights:   <>

More info:

 <> Israel resorts to murder, mass terror, and lies against Palestinians

 <> Let’s Stop Pretending Israel’s Crackdown Has Anything To Do With the Missing Teens

 <> Pressure on Firing Zone 918 residents continues

 <> Two more Palestinians Killed in West Bank Siege

 <> Military operation in Hebron leaves 8-year-old hospitalized


Israel has stepped up its already egregious violations of the human rights of the Palestinians since the alleged disappearance last week of 3 teenage Jewish Israelis who attend school in an illegal Israeli colony inside the West Bank (all Israel’s colonies/settlements in the West Bank are a violation of international law).

It is not known if these teenagers got lost, ran away, were kidnapped by Israel, Palestinians or someone else, or if this is a hoax.

A UN spokesperson has been quoted saying that the UN is unable to verify the three Israeli youth were kidnapped <> .

“Israel is using this disappearance as an excuse for a new wave of terror across the West Bank,” Joe Catron, with the International Solidarity Movement, told Press TV in a Wednesday interview <> . 

Jewish Israeli journalist Gideon Levy writes: “The abduction of <>  three yeshiva students in the West Bank last Thursday was ordered in advance – by Israel.” 

What is clear is that Israel is routinely abducting Palestinians whom it illegal tortures and imprisons.

In the week BEFORE the three Israelis became missing, Israeli forces had abducted at least 28 Palestinians, including four children. Israel currently holds <> 5,000 Palestinians in prison. Many are children, who are often kept in  <> solitary confinement. Approximately 200 Palestinian prisoners have never even been charged with a crime; dozens are on  <> hunger strikes that began almost two months ago.

The media has ignored Israel’s abduction of Palestinian teens. <>  

Israel’s attacks against Palestinians are a violation of Article 33 of the Fourth Geneva Convention <>  prohibiting reprisals against protected persons and their property, as well as collective punishment. 

Contact info:

White House:  202-456-1111;  <>
State Department:  <>
Congress: 202-224-3121;  <>;  <>

Senator Barbara Boxer: Sacramento  <tel:%28916%29%20448-2787> (916) 448-2787; Wash. D.C.  <tel:202-224-3553> 202-224-3553;  <>
Senator Dianne Feinstein: San Francisco   <tel:%28415%29%20393-0707> (415) 393-0707  Wash DC   <tel:%28202%29%20224-3841> (202) 224-3841;  <>
Rep. Doris Matsui Sacramento (916) 498-5600; Wash DC (202) 225-7163
Rep. Ami Bera: Rancho Cordova: (916) 635-0505; Wash. DC (202) 225-5716;  <>
Rep. John Garamendi: Davis: 530-753-5301; Wash. DC (202) 225-1880;  <>
Rep. Tom McClintock: Granite Bay (916) 786-5560; Wash. DC (202) 225-2511;  <>
Rep. Jerry McNerney: Stockton (209) 476-8552; Wash. D.C. (202) 225-1947

California Legislature:
To find out your state elected officials: <> 
   - Assemblymember Roger Dickinson: 916-319-2007; assemblymember.dickinson at
   - Assemblymember Ken Cooley: (916) 319-2008; assemblymember.cooley at
   - Assemblymember Richard Pan: (916) 319-2009; assemblymember.pan at
   - Assemblymember Mariko Yamada: (916) 319-2004; assemblymember.yamada at

Sacramento Bee June 27, 2014

6-27-14, World In Brief, Page A 14:

Israel names suspects in kidnapping of teens
JERUSALEM — Israel on Thursday named two Palestinians it said had kidnapped three Jewish teenagers who disappeared while hitchhiking home from their religious schools in the West Bank two weeks ago.
The Shin Bet security agency identified the Palestinians as Marwan Kawasmeh and Amer Abu Eisha, saying they were operatives of the militant Islamist group Hamas in the West Bank city of Hebron. 
 Both have been missing since the night the teenagers vanished, and information on their disappearance was reportedly relayed to the Israelis by the Palestinian security services.
  Despite widespread searches in the Hebron area by Israeli army forces, there has been no evident progress in finding the teenagers and those believed to have seized them. Nor has there been a credible claim of responsibility by any Palestinian group. While Hamas leaders have welcomed the apparent kidnapping as a means to free Palestinian prisoners in an exchange, they have avoided any declaration of involvement.
  Along with the searches for the teenagers - Eyal Yifrah, 19, Naftali Fraenkel, 16, and Gil-Ad Shaer, 16 -Israeli forces have carried out a sweeping crackdown on Hamas in the West Bank, arresting nearly 400 Palestinians.

6-27-14 Letters to the editor, page A 16:

Don’t expect Israel to negotiate
  The Middle East Quartet – the United Nations, European Union, Russian and United States – has set the conditions for what Hamas needs to do to be part of an accepted government:  Renounce violence, recognize Israel and agree to abide by past agreements.
  The Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean has urged Hamas to comply.  Hamas refuses.  It continues to be a terrorist organization.  Within just the last few days, its leaders have said they will continue to try to destroy Israel and never recognize it, despite possibly forming a government with Palestinian authority President Mahmoud Abbas. Neither Israel nor any other country is expected to negotiate with those who want to murder and destroy its people.
  We did not negotiate with Germans and Japan in World War II, and we did not negotiate with Osama bin Laden. We should not expect Israel to negotiate with those that want to destroy it.
                                                 Alan Edelstein, Sacramento


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