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As Israel continues it’s sickening assault on the people of Gaza, more pressure is needed on:  companies that are invested in Israel’s occupation, Obama & Congress, and media. And more people need to know what is going on.


Here are 7 things you can do:


1) Contact Pres. Obama <>  (202-456-111) and Congress (202-224-3121) (House <>  – Senate <> ) every week and tell them the U.S. needs to end its complicity in Israel’s war crimes.  <>  


2) Sign and share petitions for Palestine <>  – these are continually updated, here are the most recent:


►  <> Sign the letter to six key banks asking them to pull out of Israel.
►  <> Sign the letters to Obama & Congress from US Campaign to End Israeli Occupation demanding they hold Israel accountable for brutality towards Palestinians and U.S. citizens.
►  <> Sign the Code Pink petition to Obama & Congress demanding a ceasefire now.
► Sign the Move-On petition  <> calling for a ceasefire now.
►  <> Sign the petition to the White House to Freeze all aid to Israel until it complies with International Law and human rights.
►  <> Sign open letter from Jewish Voice for Peace to be published in Ha’aretz that Israel’s occupation of Palestine is the root cause of the crisis.
► <> Sign petition to the U.N. and European parliament demanding that Israel stop collective punishment against Palestinians.

3) Come to local events & bring others:

Monday, July 21, 2014, 9:15 - 10:30pm,  <> Candlelight Vigil for Palestinians in the Occupied West Bank and Gaza. Central Park 401 C St, Davis. FMI:  <mailto:nmradwan at> nmradwan at

Thurs, Jul 24, 2014, 6pm, Palestine Report Back from Tufts Univ. Prof G.A. Thomas, who recently traveled to Palestine as part of a solidarity university contingent. Along with many pictures this talk is a great first-hand report from the Occupied Territories facing more and more repression everyday with the support of what Malcolm X dubbed “dollarism”. Sol Collective, 2574 21st St. Sacramento sac at; 916-572-9680.

Friday, July 25, 2014, 4pm, Rally for Al-Quds Day, an internationally observed day of protest intended to bring people together, regardless of their background, to stand up against the injustices being perpetrated all over the world, and specifically in Palestine. 16th & J Sts. Sacramento. FMI: sac4quds at


4) Stay current with alternative news sources <>  and challenge corporate sources to provide complete and objective coverage.


5) Be public: talk to your co-workers and others about this issue, wear a Got Human Rights Palestinians Don’t t-shirt; put a bumper sticker on your car. Click for ordering info. <>  


6) Don’t buy products or invest in companies <>  that support Israel’s illegal occupation. 


7) Get involved locally: SacReg4PaletinianRights at



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