Please sign petition NOW to Gates Foundation to divest from G4S for Palestine Prisioners Day

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Wed Apr 16 17:55:06 PDT 2014

In commemoration of Palestinian Prisoners Day, please join the international
call on the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to divest from complicity in
Israel's prison, detention, and torture system.  

Please sign the petition:   <>  

Please sign tonight if you can so that your signature will be delivered by
Seattle Palestine Rights Activists tomorrow, April 17.

This is one way to show solidarity with the more than 5,000 Palestinian
prisoners being held in Israeli prisons in contravention to Art. 76 of the
4th Geneva Convention and in violation of other human rights. Approx. 200 of
those prisoners are children, some held in solitary confinement and many
held without access to legal help for months. More details below.

The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, the largest charitable foundation in
the world (backed by Microsoft founder and billionaire Bill Gates) owns
occupation-profiteer-g4s-just-dutch-charity-cuts-ties> worth more than $170
million in the controversial security company, G4S Security. G4S, the world
largest security company, has been the target of several successful
international boycott actions and campaigns in recent years due to its
complicity in Israel's illegal detention, torture and incarceration of
Palestinian political prisoners  <>
(click here to see a timeline)

Earlier this month Palestinian organizations wrote to the Gates Foundation
calling on the Gates Foundation to divest from G4S
<> (click here to see). That
letter to the Gates Foundation went unanswered. Palestinian organizations
(led by the Palestinian prisoner organization Addameer together with
endorsements from over 150 other groups) subsequently called on all
peace-loving peoples around the world to organize protests this 17th of
April (the international Palestinian Political Prisoner Day) outside the
offices of the Gates Foundation in the various countries where the Gates
Foundation operates  <> (see the
call to action here).

Join us this Palestinian political prisoner's day (April 17th) in calling on
the Gates Foundation to divest from G4S Security due to its complicity in
Israel's illegal detention, torture and incarceration of Palestinian
political prisoners - including <>200 Palestinian children.

ndex=2> Here is Angela Davis speaking about G4S and the prison-industrial
complex. Angela Davis is one of the keynote speakers at 7 pm, along with
Noura Erekat -- preceded by great workshops all day -- at the Rachel Corrie
Foundation PeaceWorks conference this year "Yet Again as Captives: Mass
Incarceration in the US and Palestine"
<>  )

Some possible signs for tomorrow, Thursday's event could be:  Gates
Foundation, Divest from G4S and Israeli apartheid;  Gates Foundation, divest
from violation of human rights and international law; Gates Foundation, your
investment in G4S belies your mission; an injury against one is an injury
against all; divest from the prison-industrial complex; unlike Palestinians,
the Foundation can walk away from G4S prisons.

Last week, several organizations and groups delivered more than 10,000
signatures for the Gates Foundation to divest from another company in the
prison-industrial complex,
GEO, which runs the NW Detention Center in Tacoma.  We've now compounded
that call to the Gates Foundation with this petition of also more than
10,000 signatures to divest from G4S. All organizations that wish to be
regarded as humanitarian must divest from companies engaged in violations of
human rights and international law.

. Sign the online petition -- especially before midday Wednesday

. Read the Palestinian civil society request to the Gates Foundation to
divest from G4S   <>

. Post on the Gates Foundation FaceBook page



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