[Omwireless] Wireless Services Update

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Thu Mar 10 17:52:08 PST 2011

Hi Omsoft Wireless users,

We're making steady progress bringing faster bandwidth services to your 
neighborhoods. Our new tower connection, has had some electrical issues 
which have occupied our attention over the last month. That is finally 
getting ironed out and we are getting 50 Mbps to that tower, which we 
are trying to deliver to you!

In order to fully utilize the faster speeds we need to reduce our 
Customer to AP ratio, and make sure clients have the faster, newer 
generation 802.11g or n radio hardware.

About 25% of our customers are using the 802.11b radio standard, and 
those radios need to be replaced to get everyone on the faster standard. 
We will send particular details to those customers carrying the older 
radios for upgrade options.

We are also breaking the network down into smaller cells, for fewer 
clients per AP, that will provide more performance for the clients on 
those cells, and make it easier to get all newer radios on the cell. We 
have already deployed one of these smaller cells onto the tower, but 
have been delayed  by our current electrical work.

We will continue these operations throughout the spring to bring the 
faster service to all clients.

Thanks for using our network, as always, we appreciate your business.

Rob Nickerson

Om Networks
UCD Class of 96
C: 530-848-3865

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