[Omwireless] 201106111435 Wireless Network Outage

Announcements for Omsoft Wireless customers omwireless at list.omsoft.com
Sat Jun 11 21:50:45 PDT 2011

 Incident: North Davis Meadows Wireless network back haul interruption

 Reported by: Omsoft Staff monitoring

 At approximately 2:36 pm the 5Ghz back haul link that carries your 
 network traffic was disrupted. We believe WiFi card failure at the 
 neighborhood end was the likely cause.

 Several visits at both sides of the link were needed in this instance 
 to expose the issue, and correct configurations over both newly 
 installed cards.

 We apologize for the service disruption.

 Service Restored at: 8:10 pm

 Omsoft Systems Administraton
 Om Networks

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