[No2rezone] Help stop upzoning of our single family neighborhoods

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Fri Mar 5 16:44:48 PST 2021

As you may already know, the draft 2040 General Plan proposes to eliminate
single family zoning by allowing up to 6 residential units on single family
lots. It also proposes to eliminate all on-site parking requirements. For a
more detailed description, please see  <http://www.No2Rezone.org>

Although the City Council voted in January to continue developing this
proposed plan, at least three council members have stated that this is not a
done deal and there is still time for public input. (Note that this plan
would take effect next year.)

To stop these provisions of the plan that would be harmful to existing
neighborhoods, your voice is important. 

Please take these actions:

  1)  <https://no2rezone.wordpress.com/petition/> Sign the petition to the
City Council. Even if you have already written to your Councilmember, we
urge you to sign this petition so that we have a record of the numbers of
people who are opposed to eliminating single family zoning and parking
requirements.  <https://no2rezone.wordpress.com/petition/> Click here to go
to the petition.

  2) Put up a yard sign. A city-wide and an Elmhurst-specific lawn sign are
pictured at  <http://www.No2Rezone.org> www.No2Rezone.org and can be ordered
by emailing  <mailto:No2Rezone at gmail.com> No2Rezone at gmail.com.

3) Visit and like the new
Save Sacramento Neighborhoods facebook page. Add your comments and share the

4)  <https://www.sacbee.com/opinion/editorial-board/> Tell the Sacramento
Bee to run op eds that raise the many objections to the 2040 General Plan's
negative impacts on neighborhoods. The Bee has run a number of articles
promoting the City's position in support of the plan but has failed to
provide balance by having an op ed that challenges the plan. 
You can complete the  <https://www.sacbee.com/customer-service/contact-us/>
Bee's online form or send an email to its editors:
<mailto:gduran at sacbee.com> gduran at sacbee.com,   <mailto:johman at sacbee.com>
johman at sacbee.com,  <mailto:mbreton at sacbee.com> mbreton at sacbee.com

5) Share this email with Sacramento neighbors, friends, family and

You will receive updates on this issue from no2rezone.list.omsoft.com.  If
you want to subscribe, unsubscribe, or have questions, please email:
<mailto:No2Rezone at gmail.com> No2Rezone at gmail.com.

Thank you!

Neighbors to Save Sacramento Neighborhoods


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