[No2rezone] Updates on effort to save single family zoning and neighborhoods

Maggie Coulter mcoulter at dcn.org
Sat Feb 13 14:56:54 PST 2021

You are receiving this email because you signed the petition to stop a spot
zoning in Elmhurst in 2016-17 from residential to commercial at 51st & V or
have expressed opposition to the draft General Plan 2040 proposed
elimination of single-family zoning and neighborhoods by allowing six-unit
apartments on single family lots. 

This proposed General Plan also calls for the elimination of city-mandated
parking, which means that these apartments could be built with NO on-street
parking, leaving all occupants to park on the street. 

Although the City Council voted on January 19, 2021 to continue with the
development of this proposed plan, this is not a done deal. It is scheduled
to be voted on again in June. The City Council needs to hear objections loud
and clear. 

The City has falsely claimed that this proposal will create more affordable
housing and right the wrongs of housing discrimination that was outlawed in
the 1960s. It will do neither. 

For more information, see www.No2Rezone.org <http://www.No2Rezone.org> 

What you can do:

1) If you have not already done so, expressed your opposition to Elmhurst's
City Council member Eric Guerra, eguerra at cityofsacramento.org
<mailto:eguerra at cityofsacramento.org> . Please cc both:
ElmhurstNeighborhoodAssocSac at gmail.com
<mailto:ElmhurstNeighborhoodAssocSac at gmail.com>  and No2Rezone at gmail.com
<mailto:No2Rezone at gmail.com> . 

If you live in another council district, email your council person
<http://www.cityofsacramento.org/mayor-council> .

Remind Council Members they need to listen to their constituents. 

2) Put up a yard or house sign. Make your own or get one from
No2Rezone at gmail.com <mailto:No2Rezone at gmail.com> . See design at
www.Nor2Rezone.org <http://www.Nor2Rezone.org> 

3) Talk to your neighbors and fellow Sacramentans. Many people still aren't
aware of this proposed change or don't realize what it would do to existing
single family neighborhoods like Elmhurst. Share this message with them.

4) Attend the February 17, 2021, 6:30pm Community Forum
<http://www.elmhurstna.com/>  being hosted by the Elmhurst and the Upper
Land Park Neighborhood Associations. Click to register
ly> .
You can submit written questions ahead of time to
ElmhurstNeighborhoodAssocSac at gmail.com
<mailto:ElmhurstNeighborhoodAssocSac at gmail.com> 

If you are able to get more involved to stop these harmful proposals in the
General Plan, please email No2Rezone at gmail.com <mailto:No2Rezone at gmail.com>

Sacramento should offer diverse housing and neighborhoods and ensure that
every neighborhood is a desirable, safe and healthy place to live!

To ask questions, make comments, subscribe or unsubscribe, email
No2Rezone at gmail.com


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