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Please attend the Tuesday, April 6 City Council meeting and call in to
comment on the Housing Element
ge-the-housing-element-5.pdf>  - see phone number below.


If don't already have a yard sign
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Saturday, April 3, 2021 Livable California
<https://www.livablecalifornia.org/>  Online forum:


Is Sacramento City Hall really ending its single-family zoning to allow
4-to-6 units, a first in CA? Did they set off a domino effect in Berkeley,
and uneasy talk in South San Francisco?


Join Livable California's special guests addressing Sacramento's upzoning
controversy on Saturday April 3 at 10 a.m.:

*         Maggie Coulter,  <https://no2rezone.wordpress.com/> Save
Sacramento Neighborhoods

mdi=82c9c583-8092-eb11-85aa-00155d43c992&ceid=5851766> Kirk Vyverberg, Land
Park Community Association

di=82c9c583-8092-eb11-85aa-00155d43c992&ceid=5851766> Chris Jones, Colonial
Heights neighborhood 


 - Why upzoning will not create affordability despite Sacramento City

- Why does upzoning result in downzoning diversity
emdi=82c9c583-8092-eb11-85aa-00155d43c992&ceid=5851766> instead of
encouraging diversity?

- What can communities do?


Click to register


Tuesday, April 6, 5pm, City Council to address Housing Element


The City's draft Housing Element calls for the elimination of single family
zoning. Click for more information
lls-for-end-to-single-family-zoning-6.pdf> .


Call (916) 808-7213 and Dial 8 to Make a Comment on Item 30 - also submit
written comments to publiccomment at cityofSacramento.org
<mailto:publiccomment at cityofSacramento.org> 



Submittal of Draft 2021-2029 Housing Element - 8-Year Housing Strategy to
the California Department of Housing and Community Development  File ID:

Location: Citywide

Recommendation: Adopt a Resolution to authorizing the City Manager or City
Manager's designee to submit the Draft 2021-2029 Housing Element to the
California Department of Housing and Community Development for review and
Contact: Greta Soos, Assistant Planner, (916) 808-2027; Matt Hertel, AICP,
Acting Long Range Planning Manager, (916) 808-7158, Community Development


a_id=621848> Item 30 - Submittal of Draft 2021-2029 Housing Element
(PDF-23624 KB)


Thursday, April 15, 2021, 6:30pm Online Community forum


 <https://www.facebook.com/events/476845193455077/> The Future of Sacramento
Neighborhoods: Who will decide?

Co-hosted by Save Sacramento Neighborhoods
<https://no2rezone.wordpress.com/>  and East Sacramento Preservation


Register in advance for this meeting:


The city of Sacramento is drafting a General Plan, including the Housing
Element, to take effect in 2022. This plan proposes major changes affecting
neighborhoods in Sacramento including:

1) ending single family zoning and neighborhoods by allowing up to six units
on all single family lots, 

2) eliminating residential and commercial requirements that off-street
parking be provided for residents, customers, and clients; 

3) replacing gas heating, cooling, cooking etc. with electric in all
buildings, starting with new and then including new and existing, and 

4) reducing lanes and available parking on certain major streets.


Many Sacramentans are not aware of these changes or their implication for
existing neighborhoods.  This forum will summarize the City's proposals and
rationale and then offer a careful look at the implications of these
proposed changes. It will also include a review of legislative proposals to
eliminate single family zoning statewide. 


Parts of the proposal plan have become increasingly controversial as
residents become aware of the major changes to neighborhoods called for in
the plan. The city advocates say that ending single family zoning will
create affordable housing and right the wrongs of past racial
discrimination. Opponents say the city provides no evidence for these
claims, citing examples where upzoning has resulted in higher cost housing
and more racial segregation and raising other concerns.


For information supporting the proposed General Plan,
cts/General-Plan> click here.


For information on concerns about the proposed General Plan,
<https://no2rezone.wordpress.com/> click here.


Presenters include: 


Chris Jones is a resident of Colonial Heights in Sacramento since 2016,
where he participates in several community organizations including the
Colonial Heights Neighborhood Association, and Hope for Sacramento, a
homelessness advocacy group. Chris currently holds a BS in Information
Technology and an MB. He works as a Project Manager in the Healthcare/IT


Maggie Coulter is with Save Sacramento Neighborhoods. She is president of
the Elmhurst Neighborhood Association; has worked as a land use planner and
in affordable housing for the CA Dept. of Housing and Community Development.
She is a long/time Sacramento resident and peace, justice, and environmental


Emily Gabel-Luddy served for nearly 10 years on Burbank City Council, twice
as Mayor, focusing on affordable housing issues. She has broad experience in
planning as a zoning administrator, and urban designer during her 30 year
career as a public servant. She volunteers as a legislative analyst for
Livable California.


Isaiah Madison is an urban planner and community organizer in South Los
Angeles. He chairs his local Neighborhood Council planning committee,
educating on pending legislation and development proposals. He serves on the
Board of Livable California.


For more information email: No2Rezone at gmail.com




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