[Davisgig] Fwd: Governor Newsom's $7 billion investment in public broadband due COB Wednesday (May 26)

Richard Lowenberg rl at 1st-mile.org
Mon May 24 12:42:40 PDT 2021

I assume that broadband investment and deployment strategies and
opportunities are currently being paid attention to by Davis networkers.


Date: 2021-05-24 13:22
 From: Ernesto Falcon <ernesto at eff.org>

I am circulating the following letter to gather supporters for Governor
Newsom's broadband proposal.

Summary of the proposal is here


The short summary is the state wants to invest billions extending public
open access middle mile fiber infrastructure to all communities. $500
million would be used to create a state program designed around
providing long term financing to municipalities, cooperatives,
non-profits to develop their own broadband solutions with an additional
$2 billion invested in issuing grants for the unserved. This combination
would make it feasible for any township or community produce its own
solutions, whether public, private, or public/private partnership.

Sacramento's legislature has to decide by the end of _this month_
whether to support this proposal. The money has been made available, now
it just needs the legislature to approve the plan. The sign on form is
linked below. Please feel free to circulate this broadly. We are looking
for organization sign ons or individuals if they are elected officials.

Sign on form



Ernesto Omar Falcon
Senior Legislative Counsel
Electronic Frontier Foundation
Office: 415 436 9333 ext. 182
Cell: 202 716 0770

Richard Lowenberg, Executive Director
1st-Mile Institute     505-603-5200
Box 8001, Santa Fe, NM 87504,
rl at 1st-mile.org     www.1st-mile.org
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