[Davisgig] DavisGIG is on the ropes and is about to be knocked out the next meeting TOMOOR NIGHT 3/27 6:30 pm city chambers

Robert Nickerson rob at omsoft.com
Tue Mar 26 16:37:10 PDT 2019

Hi All

the justification is comcast will start charging now taht the inet is over

Specifically, some City Staff have invited a MAJOR private Fiber carrier 
into town, and giving them free use of city conduit to build out in 
exchange  for 12 fibers between some city buildings. . the justification 
is comcast will start charging now that the inet is overand the comcast 
franchise is expired. This will serve as a basis for a residential build 
out by wave, generating another physical monopoly on internet, the fiber 
based kind. Comcast has a cable infrastructure monopoly, att has a phone 

This does not pump broadband money back into the city.

this does not provide lower pricing through competition.

This does not allow business and homes to be securely and privately 

this does not give our major School, City, and Public facilities 
Internet access for a one time cost.

It does not allow for an entrprenuer to come along and sell a new 
product to our marketplace.

this does not see to privacy, net neutrality or digital divide.

Check out this video from a company that makes a software product that 
could be one of the ones to run our network.


In Ammon Id right now, 100 MBps is $10 per month. Why ? Competition on a 
municipal owned fiber plant.

This does not do anything innovative or interesting with a Davis fiber 
ecosystem, as it will be under lock and key. Dont get me wrong, I'm 
happy to have wave come and  compete on community owned fiber, and 
others of course as well .just  Not on an exclusive basis. Once this is 
done, there is no other physical infrastructure coming that replaces 
fiber. once fiber is built out with a private company, its just all 
locked up with them.

This meeting is the MOST IMPORTANT MEETING of this entire process.  If 
you still care or do care about making thi, please come and give a 
public comment. Or mail one to

sworley at cityofdavis.org and clements at ucdavis.edu

Make no mistake, if this is allowed to proceed, DavisGIG, a community 
fiber plant that could unleash all sorts of good things, is dead.

Sorry to be grim, but that is what is going on.



Robert Nickerson
UCD Class of 1996
CEO, Om Networks

cell: 5308483865

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