[Davisgig] Irony Very Timely

Robert Nickerson rob at omsoft.com
Wed Mar 13 15:31:09 PDT 2019


Over the last days, we  have been going over the electronics portion of 
the Feasibility study  for a city owned fiber network and pricing out 
white box type solutions, instead of what is in the Broadband Study. We 
are looking at these costs  this to move forward some options for the 
City to consider around municipal fiber; including doing a phased builds 
of the ring and sub rings to build the fiber  infrastructure across the 
community, cover services for anchor tenants,  Dark Fiber to lease for 
5G, and set the stage for residential neighborhood deployments. There is 
a subcommittee of the BATF drafting a memo for this approach now, and we 
are helping provide some numbers to it.

And here is an article about this from the author of said study I just 
happened to receive.


Irony aside though, things are pretty dramatic at the moment. The Task 
Force is supposed to give some recommendations to proceed in May, but  
city staff are looking to do another I-Net for City Conduit swap type 
arrangement with a major private fiber ISP. This satisfies its needs to 
deliver on a contract here, and sets the stage for it to build out into 
neighborhoods, and other things.

As we warned in 2015 the City is now paying Comcast for Inet fibers it 
used to get for free up until Sept 2018 in the local cable franchise. 
It's unclear as to whether the City is charging Comcast for leasing City 
owned Conduit, or if that is even possible. There is a strong urge among 
some city staff to fix this short term issue and revenue loss by getting 
free service from another very large carrier. When a large Investor 
owned for profit is giving you something for free, that should tell you 
that what the city is getting in return, lol.  Proceeding as it is, 
would be disastrous for community owned fiber as it has been presented, 
but making small contract changes and having the major ISP install and  
lease city-owned fiber would be great!

So we are hoping the city takes our input and the Task Force gets to 
complete its charter before the city signs an Agreement which will bring 
a very large private overbuilder that isn't leasing community-owned 
fiber from our proposed project.

Thanks to everyone working on trying to make this happen


Robert Nickerson
UCD Class of 1996
CEO, Om Networks

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