[Davisgig] Dueling OpEd's in the Enterprise

Richard Lowenberg rl at 1st-mile.org
Tue Jun 4 18:45:57 PDT 2019

A brief e-note from Jacona, NM.

As a few of you know, after helping steward DCN for 10 years,
I've been New Mexico based, and involved in community broadband
planning, in NM and around the country, as contracted.   I have
maintained my DCN accounts and services all this time, including
subscribing to this list and related Davis networking exchanges.

I have been so pleased to see the community pursue its next
phase of networked society involvements over the past few years.
I introduced Doug Dawson to the Davis RFP a couple of years ago.
He is among the smarter broadband planners working currently.

The City, appropriate community organizations and residents
should continue this process, with a clearly determined and
agreed next phase and tasks.

Gary is correct about PPP, though the nature of this can take
many forms.   Phased deployment and services provision economic
projections need to be provided.   The cost concerns that many
have are correct, but need to be considered along with income
strategies and timelines.   Water, communications and energy
are fundamental resources that everyone needs, and will pay for.
A phased fiber and wireless community broadband initiative in
Davis can pay its way and can generate income to reinvest in
operations, maintenance and community services provision.

There are thousands of cities approximately the size of Davis
in this country.  Davis could get a lot of financial, legal,
technical and other expert help, as what it does may serve as
a much needed example/model.  Time for some strategic next phase
thinking.   I'd love to help.

The City of Davis and all communities throughout the country,
need to be very concerned and vigilant regarding current FCC
and incumbent big company telecom. directions.   Local-regional
scale networking is critical to affordable, open and healthy
communities and citizens.   It is unfortunate that we are being
held hostage by infrastructure battles and corporate advantage-
taking, rather than being able to focus on all of the
applications, lifelong learning and work/play opportunities we
should be using the network for, to improve our lives and

You are fortunate to have many remarkable community champions.
Don't let this issue go.   All networked best at the City this


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