[Davisgig] Much like the government, I hope some sort of compromise can come together around community fiber

Robert Nickerson omrob at omsoft.com
Wed Jan 23 10:10:37 PST 2019

Hi All

Here is an article about a community non profit taking private activity 
bonds in Oregon to do Fiber in neighborhoods.

I think a good strategy might be, have the city move ahead with the 
backbone ring and sub rings, so we can get all our important anchor 
tenants and neighborhood arterials connected to the infrastructure.  
Then work through a separate financing vehicle like a non profit to 
build out the neighborhoods in some kind of demand aggregation based 
staggered build, using something like Service Zones.  This cost would be 
about $10M or less based on the current Feasibility Study.

This is a good solution because

  - City still gets lease revenues from Fiber, in a limited ring and sub 
ring deployment the city can position itself to lease fiber for 5G, 
DJUSD schools could likely connect on this and stop paying monthly 
recurring amounts to ATT for fiber transport,  and it provides fiber to 
all the main arterials,  which have bus stops, for the unlicensed LTE 
network for UCD can use to provide the campus WiFi on Unitrans buses. 
City has fiber for future SmartCity and other uses.

-  The community non profit, overseen  by communtiy  stakeholders and 
members of the public,  can build out the residential neighborhoods, and 
work with contractors at a non prevailing wage for neighborhood 
deployments, and lease access to that fiber to multiple ISPs. Perhaps it 
finds its initial  private financing from stake holders, and some local 
banks, or works with Neighborly for financing.

As one neighborhood is built it generates revenues for financing the 
next neighborhood, and so it goes like dominoes. The whole city does get 
built this way, and we retain local control.

This way, the city isn't on the hook for it all, and we can stop 
thinking about the $100 M costs that is the current Albatross around the 
neck of the BATF

Thoughts or Ideas about this strategy?



Robert Nickerson
UCD Class of 1996
CEO, Om Networks

cell: 5308483865

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