[Davisgig] COS Systems at Davis Makerspace 10.17 at 9:30am

Robert Nickerson rob at omsoft.com
Tue Oct 10 17:12:35 PDT 2017

DavisGIG Presents

Meeting with Cos Systems

Cos Systems is based in Sweden, and serves the European 
telecommunications market, and is beginning to gain ground in the US.  
Cos makes software called Service Zones that does Fiber Internet demand 
aggregation and signup management for fiber network builds. Picture the 
city being broken up into 22 neighborhoods, and city leaders being able 
to see all the demand visually represented by red flags of residents 
being willing to sign up for the service, also can be used to sign folks 
up, and figure out where demand is highest to create a build order, as 
well as   survey residents about network needs. Cos  also have an OSS 
called Business Engine. Business Engine is Operational Systems Software 
for an open access fiber optic network. Both of these tools will be very 
useful to the DavisGIG network effort.

Isak Finer, the Chief Marketing Officer from Umea, Sweden  will be live 
at Davis Makerspace Tuesday October 17th at 9:30am demoing both of these 
softwares through the projector facility available at DMS. Should be 
exciting. DavisGIG raised money last year through the Big day of giving 
with the express intent of implementing this software to support the 
project after the City of Davis Study process reached a good point.

Should you like to attend, seating is limited but refreshments will be 

Contact rob at omsoft.com if you would like to attend.

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