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Hi folks

Progress again.. Matt Williams and I should be meeting with these two 
tomorrow to brief each other on goings on.

Hopefully this proceeds more quickly than is outlined below, but will 

I could be the rep from Davis Community Network if someone else wants to 
be the rep from Davis GIG, please let me know.


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Subject: 	New Broadband Advisory Task Force
Date: 	Wed, 27 Jan 2016 23:59:23 +0000
From: 	Diane Parro <DParro at cityofdavis.org>
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Dear Rob,

On December 3, 2015, the Davis City Council approved the formation of a 
Broadband Advisory Task Force.  We are looking forward to having a 
representative from Davis Gig on this task force.  Our first meeting 
will occur on Wednesday, February 24 at 6:30 p.m. in the City Hall 
Conference Room.

Please forward the name and contact information of your representative 
to me at your earliest convenience but no later than February 10.  I 
will invite them directly and send them the agenda and other information 
in advance of that first meeting. More information about the task force 
can be found on the City’s website. 

In order to help you select your representative, I have included the 
purpose, scope and objectives of this task force as shown below.  I have 
also included the composition of the task force.  We will be recruiting 
for the community member volunteers and will be seeking individuals who 
live in Davis,  have an interest in community service, and have some 
expertise in a related area such as communications technology, 
utilities, finance, or city infrastructure projects.  I have attached 
the press release with more information on this effort.

Please let me know if you have any questions and I will look forward to 
receiving the information about your representative.

As Always,



The purpose of the Broadband Advisory Task Force is to advise the City 
Council on the


·Goals for broadband access to residences and businesses.

·Examination of various models of broadband delivery.

·Exploration of funding options/mechanisms for capital and maintenance.

·Recommendations to the City Council on next steps for implementation 
(e.g. solicit

·proposals, additional analysis needed, etc.).

*Scope and Objectives*


The Broadband Advisory Task Force will, as directed by the City Council, 
and under the general

coordination of the Chief Innovation Officer:

1. Utilize the varied experience and perspective of the members to 
create an overarching

goal for broadband delivery to our community.

2. Conduct a community survey of broadband speeds.

3. Plan, organize, and conduct at least one public workshop to solicit 
community input on

broadband service in Davis, including inviting appropriate speakers or 
others to make

presentations at this forum(s), as deemed appropriate.

4. Identify and interview persons with specific expertise in the 
implementation of

broadband projects.

5. Identify potential partnership and funding models, which the City may 
wish to pursue in

implementing a sports complex.

6. Research broadband projects recently undertaken in other 
jurisdictions, and learn from

their successes and failures.

7. Author a report, in coordination with City staff, to the City Council 
with Task Force

findings and recommendations.

*Members Organization*

1 member DavisGig

1 member Davis Community Network

1 member Davis Media Access

1 member Utility Rate Advisory Commission

1 member Davis Joint Unified School District

1 member Davis Chamber of Commerce

1 member Yolo County Broadband Working Group

1 member UC Davis

2 members Broadband users (community member volunteers)

Diane Parro

Chief Innovation Officer

City of Davis

(530) 747-5803 office

(530) 220-3092 mobile

_dparro at cityofdavis.org <mailto:dparro at cityofdavis.org>_

www.cityofdavis <http://www.cityofdavis/>

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