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Subject: RE: Task Force
Date: 2016-02-26 14:28
 From: Diane Parro <DParro at cityofdavis.org>
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Hi Rob,

I'm planning to compose a longer email to all interested people but we 
received a good number of applications for the community member spots.  
This is fantastic but made obvious the need for our Cou8ncil 
Subcommittee to conduct interviews.  These interviews will take place 
next week and will allow for Council to vote on the community member on 
at the March 15 meeting.

  I have note yet received the names of the representatives of UC Davis 
or the Davis Chamber of Commerce.  I hope to have those in time to share 
that information with the rest of the group early next week.

Many Thanks,

Diane Parro
Chief Innovation Officer
City of Davis
(530) 747-5803 office
(530) 220-3092 mobile
dparro at cityofdavis.org

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To: Diane Parro
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Subject: Re: Task Force

Hi Folks!

What's up with the Task Force?


On 2/10/2016 3:27 PM, Diane Parro wrote:
> Thank you Rob!
> I have noted the selections and your alternate.  I do not yet have any 
> information about UC Davis although I have followed up with them.  I am 
> going to be on vacation beginning on Friday, 2/12, but Sarah will be 
> able to complete the website with the representatives selected by their 
> organizations.  The community member will not be known until they are 
> able to be interviewed by the subcommittee of Council members that make 
> recommendations to these entities.
> As far as your presentation, I am really looking for an informative 
> primer on broadband.  It would be great for you to share some general 
> background on what the current situation is in Davis and share some 
> terminology and context on the region and beyond.  Here are my 
> questions:
> 1.  What is broadband?  How is it defined?  What is the actual 
> mechanism by which I can get internet service...on my PC, mobile phone 
> etc.
> 2. How is it working in Davis?
> 3. How does it work in other places?
> Rob, I certainly don’t want you to have to spend a bunch of time 
> preparing.  I just want us all to have a shared starting point.  I hope 
> your overview could last 15 minutes or so and the I will invite other 
> to chime in.  I know we'll have a wealth of knowledge in the room.  
> John Paul the CEO from Spiral is planning to attend so I think we'll 
> have a good discussion.  Please let me know if you have questions or 
> concerns.
> In case I didn’t let you know, our first meeting will be held on 
> February 24 at 6:30 p in the City Hall Conference Room.
> Many Thanks,
> Diane
> Diane Parro
> Chief Innovation Officer
> City of Davis
> (530) 747-5803 office
> (530) 220-3092 mobile
> dparro at cityofdavis.org
> www.cityofdavis
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> From: Robert Nickerson [mailto:rob at omsoft.com]
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> To: Diane Parro
> Cc: mike790 at gmail.com; clements at UCDAVIS.EDU
> Subject: Task Force
> Hi Diane
> Thanks for being staff liason for this Task Force.
> Here are some people we have selected for representation on the Task 
> Force
> Davis Community Network -
> Mike Adams
> mike790 at gmail.com
> DavisGIG - our pick for DavisGIG depends on UCD and what choice they 
> make.
> 1) Chris Clements - unless he is selected by UCD.
> clements at ucdavis.edu
> 2) Jeff Mischinsky
> jmischki at dcn.davis.ca.us
> Since we are still uncertain about Chris, Jeff should be applying to 
> one of the At Large positions. We support him from a long term 
> community perspective, (resident since 1983), solid grounding in 
> technical operations, and prior efforts on standards committees for his 
> past work with Oracle. Recently retired from a
> 40+year career in IT.
> Other residents we support that are applying for at large positions 
> would be Gary Darling (was on the Task Force that brought Internet to 
> Davis for the first time in 1992)  and Steve McMahon (longtime member 
> of the now defunct Telecommunications Commission)
> Thanks, looks forward to seeing the rest of the composition of the 
> committee, and some more details as to what sort of time and content 
> you want from me in a "background presentation" for the first meeting.
> Thanks

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