[Davisgig] RFP for FSR - Met with Mayor Pro Tem - DCN Board Action Update - Big DOG - BBCC

Robert Nickerson rob at omsoft.com
Thu Feb 25 15:21:14 PST 2016

  Hi All

1) RFP - SO thanks to everyone that provided feedback, and edits. The 
RFP is really coming together. The Scope of Work area is better, we are 
trying to avoid any BIAS in the document, which will be public record. 
So if anyone has any final comments they want to make, please log in and 
let us know.  Please see https://goo.gl/Ycz2wt. Perhaps we can vote on a 
final approval at our next meeting.

2) Met with Robb  - the DCN executive committee had a good meeting on 
Friday with Robb Davis. He reiterated his support of our efforts.  He 
warned us against having any bias in one direction or other for the 
desired outcome in the RFP or the Study, and the Task Force needs to 
come to its own conclusion. I guess bias can be cited by obstructionists 
and cause the process to be set back. He sees a lot of parallels between 
this effort and the Community Choice Energy effort, and believes we can 
work within a similar framework to get this done.

3) DCN Board Update - At its last meeting the DCN board approved a 
motion to have DCN  publish the RFP for the FSR for community fiber, and 
to raise money from the Davis Community to fund it.

4) Big DOG - To that end, DCN is now registered at 
givingedge.guidestar.org, a non profit fundraising clearing house, and 
is all ready to participate in the Big Day of Giving on May 3rd. the DCN 
profile includes a program specifically requesting funds for the study.  
So be prepared to donate at least something that day, it can be as 
little as a dollar. There are lots of prizes to go for, and expect a lot 
of activity leading up to this date.  Here is YOUR chance to directly 
contribute to making this happen for Davis. 

5) BBCC - This is the best conference to attend around FTTP deployments 
and community networks. I'm pleased to say that I'll be going this year, 
at least, and would like to see if anyone else would like to attend and 
split a hotel room. I'm getting my ticket for $350 through a special 
discount from a new non profit, Coalition for Local Internet Choice.
This is important to attend, since there is so much to see and do, it  
would be great if other DavisGIGr's could attend. 

As it looks like the Broadband Advisory Task Force initial meeting was 
suspended , nothing to report there.



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