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Fact Sheet On Rural Connectivity In North Carolina
Tue, February 16, 2016 | Posted by lgonzalez

The Coalition for Local Internet Choice North Carolina
<http://www.localnetchoice.org/category/clic-nc/> chapter (CLIC-NC) and the
Community Broadband Networks Team here at the Institute for Local
Self-Reliance (ILSR) have teamed up to create a new fact sheet: *Fast,
Affordable, Modern Broadband: Critical for Rural North Carolina

This fact sheet emphasizes the deepening divide between urban and rural
connectivity. The fact sheet can help explain why people who live in the
country need services better than DSL
<http://muninetworks.org/glossary/1#term9> or dial-up. This tool helps
visualize the bleak situation in rural North Carolina and offers links to

Rural North Carolina is one of the most beautiful places in the country but
also one of the most poorly served by big Internet access providers. The
gap between urban and rural connectivity is growing wider as large
corporate providers choose to concentrate their investments on a small
number of urban areas, even though 80 percent of North Carolina's counties
are rural.

... See the Fact Sheet Here ...

Boston Globe: Build A Muni
Thu, February 18, 2016 | Posted by lgonzalez

The Editorial Board from the Boston Globe recently kicked off a series
titled *"The Cutting Edge of the Common Good."* The editors intend to offer
suggestions for how to create a prosperous city through ideas to benefit
Boston's 4.7 million residents.

Their first proposal? *Build a municipal fiber network*

In the editorial, the Board point out how the city has always been a
cutting edge leader, from Revoluntionary War to same-sex marriage. But when
it comes to developing the tech sector, the "City on a Hill" is being edged
out by Chattanooga
, Lafayette, Louisiana
, and Cedar Falls, Iowa
High-tech innovators are flocking to communities with municipal fiber

... WOW!  What an Editorial!  Excellent Argument!!! ...

Muni Fiber Tennessee Twofer: Columbia and Pulaska - Community Broadband
Bits Podcast 189
Tue, February 16, 2016 | Posted by christopher

We cover a lot of Tennessee ground in this week's Community Broadband Bits
podcast - episode 189 - from a cable network to muni Fiber-to-the-Home;
Columbia to Pulaski. Wes Kelley, the Executive Director of the Columbia
Power and Water Systems <http://www.cpws.com/> is our guest to talk about
Columbia's cable and Pulaski's fiber.

He cut his teeth working with a Michigan community's public utility that
ultimately decided not to get involved in telecommunications. But he moved
on to build out a citywide fiber network in Pulaski before ultimately
moving to Columbia, which was the last community in the United States to
build a cable system (since then it has been all fiber).

He shares some of his lessons along the way, tips for customer service, and
Columbia's plans for the future with their cable system. He also has some
choice words for the big content owners that make the cable television
business all but impossible for any reasonably sized cable operation.

... Listen to the Show Here ...

Hudson's Velocity: Fiber For Local Businesses
Wed, February 17, 2016 | Posted by hannah

In Hudson, Ohio, local businesses prepare for the expansion of the
municipal fiber network, Velocity Broadband
<http://www.hudson.oh.us/index.aspx?NID=777>, and a large business
relocates its headquarters to take better advantage of the fiber

*Excitement from Local Businesses*

Thanks in large part to Hudson’s fiber network, a leading provider of
recovery management services has moved within the small town to a new
state-of-the-art headquarters
<http://www.hudson.oh.us/CivicAlerts.aspx?AID=826>. The Millennium Capital
and Recovery Corporation
<http://www.mcrc.biz/Press-Room/Article.aspx?id=11> provides
recovery management services nationwide and depends on fast, reliable
connectivity in order to meet clients’ needs. The new headquarters location
provides for future growth and is equipped to utilize the city’s fiber
connectivity. This is just one local business  benefiting from Velocity

... Learn More About The Network in this Post ...

South Central Communications Bringing Fiber to Members in Utah, Arizona
Tue, February 16, 2016 | Posted by lgonzalez

Another rural communications cooperative is upgrading its current system to
a Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH <http://muninetworks.org/glossary/1#term13>)
network. South Central Communications  <http://www.socen.com/index.cfm>(SCC),
is in the process of deploying fiber to all of its 23 member communities in
Utah and the few it serves just across the Arizonia border. The cooperative
started as South Central Utah Telephone Association in 1953.

*An Investment For Today And Tomorrow*

Construction began in 2015 and should be completed by the end of 2016, reports
the Southern Utah News <http://www.sunews.net/article.cfm?articleID=1898>.
Kanab, population 4,300, is the first community to receive the upgrade from
the coop'sDSL <http://muninetworks.org/glossary/1#term9> network to the new
fiber infrastructure. All of Kanabs schools, municipal facilities,
libraries, homes, and businesses will connect to the network, SCC President
and CEO Michael East told the News:

... Read that Quote and More Here ...

Durango's Dark Fiber Fosters Wi-Fi Freebie
Sat, February 20, 2016 | Posted by lgonzalez

Last fall, Durango joined a number of other Colorado communities that voted
to reclaim
<http://www.muninetworks.org/content/voters-quiet-drums-polls-colorado> local
telecommunications authority. This January, the city began using its fiber
resources to partner with a private provider and offer free Wi-Fi
<http://muninetworks.org/glossary/1#term29> along the downtown corridor.

The move is one step in the city's plan to optimize use of its fiber
resources. At the moment, Wi-Fi appears to be the center point of that
plan, with special attention focused on increasing competition so residents
and businesses will benefit with lower prices and more choice. From a
January article in the Durango Herald

Some rural residents with slow Internet also should have more service
options by the end of the year, courtesy of CenturyLink, SkyWerx, AlignTec
and BrainStorm.

“A lot of people are working on it. ... In certain geographies we’re going
to see overlapping solutions,” said Roger Zalneraitis, director of the La
Plata County Economic Development Alliance.

Durango has leased dark fiber
<http://www.muninetworks.org/content/colorado-city-durango-does-dark-fiber> for
over 20 years and operates its own I-Net
<http://muninetworks.org/glossary/1#term15> for municipal and La Plate
County facilities. The Southwest Colorado Council of Governments (SWCCOG)
has been developing an open access regional fiber network since 2010
funded through local communities and the Colorado Department of Local
Affairs. The SWCCOG is now working with the Colorado Department of
Transportation and the La Plata County Economic Development Alliance to
determine if and where there are gaps in the fiber network.

... Get the Latest News on Durango Here ...

Davenport Stepping Closer To Muni
Mon, February 15, 2016 | Posted by lgonzalez

Davenport, Iowa, is more committed than ever to bringing Fiber-to-the-Home (
FTTH <http://muninetworks.org/glossary/1#term13>) to its residents and

At a January City Council public work session, current members detailed the
city's plans for new members. Alderman Bill Boom noted
the community already has approximately 100 miles of fiber in place and by
serving its own telecommunications needs, Davenport has saved $600,000 per

*Connectivity As It Is Davenport*

In January 2015, Davenport received the results of a feasibility study
<http://www.cityofdavenportiowa.com/egov/documents/1422735656_30394.pdf> that
documented lack of redundancy, inconsistent distribution of fiber, and
complaints from businesses about speeds and costs. Incumbents are just not
keeping pace with Internet access needs of Davenport's small business
growth or the residential demand. Education and healthcare were two other
areas where a fiber network could offer a long list of benefits to the
community. The school district uses multiple providers because reliability
is such a common issue.

... Read the Rest of the Story Here ...

New Report, Webinars, on Public-Private Partnerships From CLIC and Benton
Fri, February 19, 2016 | Posted by lgonzalez

As communities across the country realize the big corporate providers may
never bring the kind of connectivity they need, public-private partnerships
(PPPs) are sprouting up everywhere. A new report by Joanne Hovis, Marc
Schulhof, Jim Baller, and Ashley Stelfox, takes a look at the issues facing
local governments and their private sector partners.

*Interjection from Christopher Mitchell: Partnerships are emphatically not
sprouting up everywhere. To be more correct, enthusiasm around the idea of
partnerships is sprouting up in many places. But compared to the hundreds
of municipal networks currently in operation, we could maybe name ten
partnerhips in existence today.*

*The Emerging World of Broadband Public-Private Partnerships: A Business
Strategy and Legal Guide
<https://www.benton.org/sites/default/files/partnerships.pdf>* examines the
practical considerations when investigating PPPs for better connectivity.
The report was published by the Coalition for Local Internet Choice (CLIC)
and the Benton Foundation.

The Benton Foundation sums up
<https://www.benton.org/broadband-public-private-partnerships-report> the
three models explored in the report:

... Learn More About Those Models Here ...

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