[Davisgig] CLIC Paper + Webinar

Richard Lowenberg rl at 1st-mile.org
Tue Feb 16 14:27:27 PST 2016

Of possible interest to some:

The Coalition for Local Internet Choice, in partnership with the Benton 
Foundation, has released its new publication: “The Emerging World of 
Broadband Public-Private Partnerships: A Business Strategy and Legal 

The guide summarizes various broadband public-private partnership models 
and considers how each model balances the risks and benefits of a 
project, and manages control over the network.  The paper also 
summarizes the legal issues that arise through all stages of planning 
and negotiation, including how to review authority issues, what is 
involved in pre-negotiation project planning, and how to negotiate the 
details of the final public-private partnerships.

The paper will be followed by the CLIC Webinar Series, a series of free 
educational webinars, on how local communities can enable development of 
next generation broadband networks, beginning with two webinars on 
broadband public-private partnerships.


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