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Christian Renaudin chrispeterr at me.com
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I would like to be involved during this city council meeting if possible and
share my perspective as a business owner in Davis. I also own 502 Mace Blvd
Building representing more than 8 businesses including Yolo First 5.
It is critical that we be less dependent on comcast's unreliable Internet
service. I feel that we are a decade behind countries like South  Korea and
France when they get 100 MB starting effective speed for less than $40 Euros
per month. Here we pay at least $120 per month for a mere effective 30MB
best case scenario.
This is unreal for a nation that claims technology leadership in the world
and when you think that we are only 70 miles away from Silicon Valley.
I am willing to offer at least $1,000 donation provided this guarantees
access to a FAST speed and reliable internet alternative to this town ­ I
know many businesses who would donate more. Indeed having an independent
alternative to reliable and fast speed internet is a smart investment in our
community's future for residents AND supporting businesses.

Christian Renaudin 

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Hello Davisites 
Please READ ­ TLDR ­ Make the City Council Meeting on Tues.
Our City Council will take its first important step toward realizing our
goal of a community owned fiber optic network! Next Tuesday's 8/30/16 City
Council meeting will feature a report by the Broadband Advisory Task Force,
and a vote of affirmation in support of our important work in procuring a
feasibility study for fiber optic cable deployment for all the homes and
businesses in Davis. Assuming this carries, the RFP will go forward as a
request from, and funded by, City of Davis.  City council members will
receive the draft RFP in their materials packets and will vote on approval
of it for publishing.
 This RFP is based on the one we DavisGIG developed some months back, with
some small changes.
This is the important first step. DavisGIG has raised funds for the study,
and building on that success, now the City Council will be stepping in to
fully fund this study, as well as the essential conduit and infrastructure
mapping, and code changes to implement a Dig Once policy. DavisGIG and DCN
will use your generously contributed funds to support and sustain this
effort through community outreach efforts while this study, and others, like
engineering, and demand aggregation efforts, go forward.
All of you, DavisGIG, and the BATF, are about to take the very important
step of reclaiming network access from big investor owned entities, and
managing this ourselves, locally, in our own community. Lets work together,
if you think you have a worthwhile perspective to share, come down, and give
3 minutes to tell the council members.
This is a milestone, and its important for citizens to come and speak at
public comment in support of this item, which will feature presentations
from Diane Parro, CIO City of Davis, and Chris Clements, BATF Chair. This is
the first meeting of the new City Council, a new group of leaders, with an
important agenda, and its imperative they know how important a fiber optic
deployment is to our residents and businesses. They want to know the
considered opinion of citizens on this matter, and not just "X Company
sucks!!" or "I need more speeds.."
It will also be great for them to see some more people supporting and
working on,  DavisGIG, aside from Jeff M and I.
A community owned fiber optic network is an investment in our future. Not
only will it provide very reliable and cheaper Internet connections to
everyone now, we will help fund our city through our monthly broadband
payments, and get better service without the constant worry of ever
increasing Internet access bills. Furthermore, building out our own
telecommunications plant gives us lots of options.
Our city will be able to implement real time telemetry throughout its
utility operations, and realize lots of benefits unbounded network access
has to offer. See some of the exciting applications being sponsored by
US-Ignite at www.us-ignite.org <http://www.ignite.org/>
So good job, as has been told again and often, this is a multi year process,
but our work so far is starting to bear significant results.
Thank you for your continued interest and engagement.

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