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Open Cape Works With Communities for Last Mile - Community Broadband Bits
Podcast 215
Tue, August 16, 2016 | Posted by christopher

Cape Cod's Open Cape <https://opencape.org/> is the latest of the
stimulus-funded middle mile
projects to focus on expanding to connect businesses and residents. We talk
to Open Cape Executive Director Steve Johnston about the new focus and
challenge of expansion in episode 215 of the Community Broadband Bits

Steve has spent much of his first year as executive director in meetings
with people all across the Cape. We talk about how important those meetings
are and why Steve made them a priority in the effort to expand Open Cape.

We also talk about the how Open Cape is using Crowd Fiber
<https://crowdfiber.com/> to allow residents to show their interest in an
Open Cape connection. They hope that expanding the network will encourage
people to spend more time on the Cape, whether living or vacationing.

The Cape is not just a vacation spot, it has a large number of full time
residents that are looking for more economic opportunities and the higher
quality of life that comes with full access to modern technology.

... Listen to the Show Here
... Read the transcript of this episode here

Chattanooga's EPB Ranked Tops By J.D. Powers, Consumer Reports
Mon, August 15, 2016 | Posted by lgonzalez

EPB customers love the fast, affordable, reliable Internet access they get
from their muni and they appreciate the way its smart-grid helps them save
money on their electric bill. According to a new J.D. Power report, their
municipal utility is also the highest rated mid-size utility in the South
for customer service and reliability.

*Double Honors*

Just a month ago, Consumer Reports magazine rated EPB the best
and Internet access utility in the county for customer satisfaction, as
chosen by a reader survey. The J.D. Power report went on to rank EPB number
two in the country in the category of municipal or investor-owned electric

... More Evidence That Chattanooga's EPB Fiber is Killing It ...

Community Connections - Anne Schweiger, Boston, Massachusetts
Wed, August 17, 2016 | Posted by rebecca

In this week's Community Connections, Christopher chats with Anne
Schweiger, Broadband and Digital Equity Advocate for the city of Boston.
Schweiger talks about the challenges that Boston faces, including a lack of
competition and adoption of broadband in the home. She talks about the
importance of "baking good broadband practice" into building codes for

In February, 2016 the Boston Globe editorial board
<https://muninetworks.org/content/boston-globe-build-muni>came out in
support of a municipal network.

Boston has its own conduit
<https://muninetworks.org/glossary/1#term305> network
and significant fiber assets, but residents and businesses must seek
service from large private providers.

... Watch the Video Here ...

Comment Highlights: Proposed HUD Rule To Expand Low-Income Residential
Internet Access
Wed, August 17, 2016 | Posted by KateSvitavsky

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) recently asked
for comments
a proposed rule <https://www.regulations.gov/document?D=HUD-2016-0050-0001> to
expand low-income access to high-speed Internet. The regulations would
require building owners to install high-speed Internet infrastructure in
HUD-funded multi-family rental housing during new construction or
substantial rehabilitation, improving Internet access by promoting
competition. Because the Internet infrastructure is not owned by one
company, many Internet Service Providers (ISPs) can compete to provide
residents with better options.

A variety of individuals and groups provided feedback for HUD, including
local governments, nonprofit advocacy groups, ISPs, and professional
associations. The majority of comments support HUD’s proposed rule, with
many encouraging HUD to go further in their efforts to close the digital

... Read the Full Story with Excerpts From The Comments Here ...

Virginia’s Fauquier County Hires Broadband Consultant
Thu, August 18, 2016 | Posted by alexander

Fauquier County, located less than an hour west of Washington, D.C., recently
formalized a contract
a Virginia-based consultant to develop a broadband Internet strategy for
the county. The county is home to nearly 70,000 residents, many commute to
work in D.C.

*What’s the problem?*

Fauquier County had the eighth-highest median income
the United States in 2011, yet its rural residents lack high-speed Internet
access options. Large corporate Internet service providers (ISPs), Comcast
and Verizon, deliver high-speed Internet to profitable markets in
Fauquier’s largest towns, Bealeton, Warrenton, and Marshall. However, due
to low population densities and low projected returns, incumbent ISPs did
not invest
broadband infrastructure upgrades that rural communities need.

... Many More Details in Our Story Here ...

And the Award for Community Broadband Network of the Year Goes to-- Ammon,
Fri, August 19, 2016 | Posted by hannah

On August 1st, the National Association of Telecommunications Officers and
Advisors (NATOA <https://muninetworks.org/glossary/1#term261>) recognized
Ammon, Idaho’s promise at the 2016 Community Broadband Awards. NATOA named
Ammon’s open access <https://muninetworks.org/glossary/1#term625> network
the 2016 Community Broadband Project of the Year

*Innovative Ideas in Idaho*

It's a great recognition for the innovative little city in Idaho. They have
been incrementally building an open access Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH
<https://muninetworks.org/glossary/1#term13>) network for years. In 2015,
they won an award for designing an ultra high-speed application
use the network to coordinate responses to school shootings. And earlier
this year, they approved an ingenious funding method: a Local Improvement
Residents will have the choice of opting into the costs and benefits of the
fiber project or opting out completely.

... (Re)Watch Our Ammon Video at the Bottom of This Story ...

Community Broadband Media Roundup - August 22
Mon, August 22, 2016 | Posted by Nick <https://muninetworks.org/users/nick>


Lafayette eyes municipal broadband, EcoPass for November ballot
Anthony Hahn, Colorado Hometown Weekly & GovTech

Larmier County refers broadband-law exemption to November ballot
Dallas Heltzell, BizWest

El Paso County may ask voters to help bring Internet service to rural
Matt Steiner, Colorado Springs Gazette

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